Using Html Anchor on my web site

感情迁移 提交于 2019-12-13 09:01:58
问题 I am using weebly site builder and so just a beginner on Html coding. I am having issues making anchors work on my pages. They seem to work on some systems and not others, and so I think there must be a better method. Here is what I am doing I have a guest author page and I want each guest, to have a direct link to his section of the web page I set up an anchor as follows Then use the following link to it http://arthurvaso.weebly.com/guests2016.html/#smith2 On some computers/broswers this

How to add a new section in Weebly template

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问题 I would like to edit a header type so that it would have 4 static sections in which the editor can drag and drop new fields. The template has only the following at the moment; <div class="main-wrap"> {{#sections}} <div class="container">{content}</div> {{/sections}} </div> Is there any way for me to multipy the main container like this way? <div class="main-wrap"> {{#sections}} <div class="container">{content}</div> {{/sections}} </div> <div class="main-wrap2"> {{#sections}} <div class=

How to disable lightbox for my gallery and open each thumbnail photo in the main frame instead?

怎甘沉沦 提交于 2019-12-13 06:35:19
问题 I would like to disable the lightbox effect for my product's gallery. And I would like to open each thumbnail photo in the main image container instead. (#wsite-com-product-images-main-image) Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Here is the link to my page: http://poloniafoods.weebly.com/store/p9/Meat_Pierogies_%28400g%29.html Thanks in advance, Justin. 回答1: It's coded in the design of the Theme. EDIT The default behavior would be that the thumbnail image that is clicked, would replace

How to disable the zoom effect on my product images?

廉价感情. 提交于 2019-12-12 18:17:54
问题 I am using Weebly to create an online store, using a template and ran into something I dislike. Every time an user clicks on a product the product page comes up and if you hover over the product's image, a zoom function is initialized. How do I disable this effect? I have a feeling that it is something simple like display:none; but I can't seem to figure out which class or whatever is associated with it. 回答1: The simple way is to hide the element that is placed over the image on hover via CSS

I'm developing a Weebly app - why is the :jwt in the following entry in our manifest not being replaced?

China☆狼群 提交于 2019-12-12 04:13:05
问题 does anyone have any ideas why the :jwt in the following entry in our Weebly app manifest isn't being replaced? "callback_url" : "https://www.mymobileapp.online/home/index?vendorId=Weebly&:jwt" The incoming request I see is: https://www.mymobileapp.online/home/index?vendorId=Weebly&:jwt?user_id=62581379&timestamp=1479434021&site_id=163706648712782041&hmac=...our_hmac...&version=1.0.0&callback_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.weebly.com%2Fapp-center%2Foauth%2Fauthorize so, as you can see, the ':jwt' is

How do I add a “Order for Pickup” button to my popup window allowing to proceed to checkout?

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问题 <script> jQuery(function() { var $ = jQuery; $(document).on('touchstart mouseover', 'a#wsite-com-minicart-checkout-button', function(e) { var totalCount = $( "span#wsite-nav-cart-num" ).text(); var totalNeeded = 12; if (totalCount < totalNeeded) { var totalItems = totalNeeded - totalCount; $("a#wsite-com-minicart-checkout-button").click(function(event){ event.stopImmediatePropagation(); alert('Orders under ' + totalNeeded + ' packages are only available for pickup. Click "Order for Pickup" to

How to create a read more layout for my product's description using Weebly?

假装没事ソ 提交于 2019-12-12 02:30:01
问题 My product's description is too long and the user needs to scroll far down the page to view the Add to Cart button. Is there any way of only showing a few lines of text, then have a "read more" link which would drop down the rest of the text? I don't see anywhere in Weebly's product description where I have the option of adding code. Here's my webpage: http://poloniafoods.weebly.com/store/p10/kozackie Thanks in advance, Justin. 回答1: This is a question you should be asking Weebly, and asking

edit css of elements within iframe

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问题 I am using some free instagram feed iframe code on my site and want to edit the size of the pictures on mobile...curently on desktop the feed is 2 rows of 5 pictures. on mobile I want to increase the size of the pictures to 50% width that way its 5 rows of 2 pictures. I opend up the console and it looks like its li.in-tile that needs a width:50%; however when you look at the css of that element it is .lightwidget.in-grid.in-grid-5 li with a width of 20% but i need it to be 50%. I am using