Using Html Anchor on my web site

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I am using weebly site builder and so just a beginner on Html coding. I am having issues making anchors work on my pages. They seem to work on some systems and not others, and so I think there must be a better method.

Here is what I am doing

I have a guest author page and I want each guest, to have a direct link to his section of the web page

I set up an anchor as follows

Then use the following link to it

On some computers/broswers this works just fine, in others, it just goes to the Top of the page instead of the section I want.

I basically have pages I want to make direct links to

Poet1 Poet2 Poet3 etc

I search here, an all the posts were either years old, or not exactly the answer I was looking for. It seems the newer the browser version, the less my method works.

I really appreciate any help, thanks!


There is a little trick to it, but it's an easy fix for you. You are missing   in your Anchor.


<a id="smith2"></a>


<a id="smith2">&nbsp;</a>

Make sure to publish the changes.

And, note that your Anchor Link should be: without the / after .html