How to create a read more layout for my product's description using Weebly?

假装没事ソ 提交于 2019-12-12 02:30:01


My product's description is too long and the user needs to scroll far down the page to view the Add to Cart button. Is there any way of only showing a few lines of text, then have a "read more" link which would drop down the rest of the text?

I don't see anywhere in Weebly's product description where I have the option of adding code.

Here's my webpage:

Thanks in advance, Justin.


This is a question you should be asking Weebly, and asking them for a features request if there is no option..

If you are looking for code, you should really attempt to try to do some research, before asking. This took me a whole minute or so to find. Try this:


Or, something like this: