How to disable lightbox for my gallery and open each thumbnail photo in the main frame instead?

怎甘沉沦 提交于 2019-12-13 06:35:19


I would like to disable the lightbox effect for my product's gallery. And I would like to open each thumbnail photo in the main image container instead. (#wsite-com-product-images-main-image)

Is there an easy way to accomplish this? Here is the link to my page:

Thanks in advance, Justin.


It's coded in the design of the Theme. EDIT The default behavior would be that the thumbnail image that is clicked, would replace the default image. So, go to:

  1. Theme Tab
  2. Edit HTML/CSS
  3. Under Partials, go to:
  4. Commerce
  5. then product
  6. images.tpl
  7. Look for~> w-fancybox (should be right after cloud-zoom-gallery)
  8. Delete w-fancybox, save your changes and publish your site.

**There might be some other changes that you need to make. Your best bet would be to make a back up zip copy, if you are using a custom theme. Then replace the code in your images.tpl with one from a different theme. THEN there might some JavaScript change that you would need to alter as well. ~That's about all I got. Can't do it all for you, without charging you something for my time ;)

(see Screenshot)