Change WiFi-Direct IP range? Force IPv6 in Android WiFi-Direct?

一笑奈何 提交于 2019-12-07 10:21:00
问题 I have two Android KitKat phones, both are running WiFi-Direct groups as Group Owners, let's call them GO1 and GO2 I managed to connect GO1 as a legacy client to GO2 without breaking any of the (previously set) wifi-direct groups. The problem is that, as you might know, the GO IP address is hardcoded in Android source, and is set to Therefore, both of my devices, GO1 and GO2 have the same IP address (**)... each on his local network. My app is both client and server at the same

How change the device name in WiFi direct p2p?

▼魔方 西西 提交于 2019-12-04 00:48:34
问题 Is it possibile to change the device name of WiFi direct through the code? I've tried to: private WifiP2pDevice wDevice; wDevice.deviceName = "newName"; But, obviously it doesn't work. Any idea?! 回答1: Following code use Reflection api of Java,It is less preferrable due to lack of efficiency but Android does not provide another way so, You can use it works with charm : try { Method m = wpm.getClass().getMethod( "setDeviceName", new Class[] { WifiP2pManager.Channel.class, String.class,

Alternative to discovering peers with Wifi Direct as it requires both phones running WiFi Direct discovery

廉价感情. 提交于 2019-12-01 09:21:22
I am trying to discover WiFi Direct peer to peer android devices but peers are discovered only when both phones are running WiFi Direct discovery. What I have Understood so far is, they will see each other only when they are both scanning for WiFi direct connections at the same time. This is because