VisJS Timeline: sorting items in timeline

跟風遠走 提交于 2019-12-24 00:58:53
问题 I'm using vis-js timeline library for building a timeline. I need to sort the elements in each group. Groups are like in example here. I saw that I can do this using the " order option in the item" like here but I cannot understand how it works. I tried this way: var groups = new vis.DataSet([ {id: 0, content: 'First', value: 1}, {id: 1, content: 'Third', value: 3}, {id: 2, content: 'Second', value: 2} ]); // create a dataset with items var items = new vis.DataSet([ {id: 0, group: 0, content:

Problems with public directory when deploying Node.js app with Heroku

╄→гoц情女王★ 提交于 2019-12-11 18:07:30
问题 I've been working on an app which will feature a Timelinejs (open source js library) element on the client side. I copied the Timelinejs library into my public/javascripts/ directory of my app. Then I linked it in my html header. When I serve my app up locally everything works fine with the timeline. However, I noticed that when I deployed my app to Heroku it wasn't loading my timeline. Using chrome js console I discovered that it didn't find my files in the public/Javascripts/Timelinejs