Storing object into an array - Java

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问题 I am relatively new to Java and I have taken some light courses on it. I am trying to emulate an exercise that I had a while back and I am having some trouble. I have two classes. One is taking in data and the other is storing it. public class Car{ public Car(String name, String color) { = name, this.color = color } How can I store this into the array (not an array list) that I created in this class: public class CarDatabase { Car[] carList = new Car[100]; public CarDatabase() { //

Encapsulate the output of invoke command in a variable - PowerShell

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问题 I have a script that installs Remote Desktop Services on remote machines (from the DC). I'm now at the phase where I check if RDS installed on the connection broker (server) and connection host (server). I want to use invoke-command since a remote powershell session seemed too complicated. This is the code I have: $res = Invoke-Command -ComputerName "testpc.eil.local" -ScriptBlock { if((Get-WindowsFeature -Name "Remote-Desktop-Services").Installed -eq 1) { #i need this output (true or false

Run an R-script from command line and store results in subdirectory

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问题 I want to run an R-script from the command line (on a Linux machine) and store the results in a subdirectory of the working directory. It looks like that: ./myscript.r [param 1] [param 2] [param 3] Given 3 binomial parameters there are 4 conditions in total. I want to store the results of each condition in a subdirectory of the working directory. Is there an elegant way to do that or do I really need to copy my R-script to every subdirectory? 回答1: Purcell,try saving and running this script on

PHP - Store information with NO database

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问题 I am going to improve a web site in Apache and PHP which has a page with a table containing a list of files. My goal is to allow the user to set one of those files as the “important” one based on some specific and subjective criteria. In order to do that, I want to store the information regarding the most “important” file in some way, with the restriction that I am able to use neither databases nor files ( constraints imposed by supervisor ). My questions are: Is it possible? How can I do

Reading XML online and Storing It (Using Java)

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问题 I found and followed an example from Stackoverflow ( of how to read an XML file from a URL (as you can see in my code pasted below). My only trouble is that now that I got the program to read the XML, how do I get it to store it? For example, could I make it save the information to a XML file built into the project (this would be the best solution for me, if it's possible)? Such as, take for example, I have

Python - Store function in variable

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问题 I have a concept where I store function in variables which makes it easier for me. But I am having the problem that the value in the variable isn't dynamically calling the function each time. So it returns the same value all the time. Just to make clear of the problem, I have made a code snip to illustrate it in a easy way: def value(): resp = requests.get('').elapsed.total_seconds() return resp test = value() while True: print test time.sleep(10) Output: 0.00649 0.00649

Storing large numbers for RSA encryption in java

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问题 Before I post my code, I think it is best that I layout a couple of things first. Goal: Perform very basic RSA encryption on a couple of small numbers. For those of you who are familiar with RSA encryption, I have posted the values being used for the algorithm below. Current RSA numbers/values: P=29 Q=31 N=P*Q Phi=((P-1)*(Q-1)) E=11 My issue: The problem arises when I am trying to decrypt my code. The encryption works as designed. Code: long[] mesg = new long[]{8, 7, 26, 28}; long[] encrypted

Is there any advantage/disadvantage of storing field value as a JSON array rather than creating new table and one-to-many relationship bet them?

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问题 Suppose each user has some numbers(IDs of props in a web game, e.g.) to store in a DB. I saw some implementations storing the numbers as a JSON string (representing an Array structure) in one field of the user's info table. But my intution is creating another table like below CREATE TABLE user_numbers ( userid INT, user_number, FOREIGN KEY (userid) REFERENCES user_info(id) ON DELETE CASCADE ); as it's the formal way for a one-to-many relationship. So I'm wondering does the JSON methods has

Using XML to store data

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问题 I am looking to use an XML file to store the data my Android app generates. With that in mind, I have two questions for the community: Is XML the best way to store data on Android and most efficient in cases where data may be added or altered every second or less then a second. If XML is indeed the best for the scenario described in #1, how do I go about setting it up? 回答1: 1.) Is XML the best way to database data on android and most efficient in cases where data may be added or altered every

Storing or loggin data with greasemonkey which can be processed later

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问题 I'm curently busy on a site for which i want to write a greasemonkey script that logs all the data, or at least certain postions of it, and saves in an file that will be interperatable fo ms excell. Is that possible? say for example i take this snippet of data: {"d":[["","","y","ZAR","1","49517","6458, 8270, 8270, 8270, 7635",null,"1.40","6458","0:13:30","","12","","C","30",null],["y","-00:00","y","ZAR","2","49593","6458, 6458, 6458, 6458, 6458",null,"2.92","6458","0:13:37","","12","","L","12