How to integrate Swagger with SpringDoc YAML?

心已入冬 提交于 2020-12-15 06:06:48
问题 I'm using Swagger to document my project.And I want generate the YAML doc from springdoc. But when I generate this YAML documentation the YAML dont have my Swagger doc coments. For example. I have one endpoint in my project: @ApiOperation(value = "Return a list of Pix Wallets.", httpMethod = "POST", response = DResponse.class) @PostMapping("/digital-wallet") public ResponseEntity<DResponse> getDigitalWallets(@RequestBody PixDigitalWalletRequest pixDigitalWalletRequest) { return ResponseEntity

Spring docs - Open API 3 - How to set default values to body?

前提是你 提交于 2020-05-23 07:41:52
问题 I am using Spring Boot + Spring Data Mongo + Spring REST + Spring HATEOAS to implement REST endpoints. Since we're passing more than 5 Query Parameters (proprietary setting of an Org, supposed to be not passed), so I though to create a EmployeeDto Class and pass that class at Controller @GetMapping(value = "/employees", produces = {MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON }) public ResponseEntity<PagedModel<EmployeeModel>> findEmployees( EmployeeDto dto, @Parameter(hidden=true) String sort, @Parameter