Difference between “new” and “gen”

房东的猫 提交于 2019-12-24 15:42:33
问题 I've done a little playing around in the console and debugger, but I've still got some questions about how new and gen work differently from each other. What is the difference between using new to generate a struct verse using gen to generate a struct? Does "gen" use existing allocated memory and "new" allocate new memory? or both allocate memory? Does "new" generate everything like a "gen" statement? In cdnshelp it says "new" is a shallow struct, meaning struct fields are not allocated. Is

Electron Autoupdater with Private GitHub Repository?

旧城冷巷雨未停 提交于 2019-12-23 04:43:52
问题 I have implemented Electron AutoUpdater with PRIVATE GitHub Repository as provider to publish electron application. Now, i can publish it using GitHub repository but Whenever AutoUpdater tries to download the updates from GitHub repository, Everytime it prompts with response code 404 Not found.. I have tried passing token in setFeedURL method and also set it in GH_TOKEN but seems like that does not work either. autoUpdater.setFeedURL({ provider: 'github' , owner: 'owner' , repo: 'repo-name' ,

Set variables in bash script [duplicate]

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问题 This question already has answers here : How to reference a file for variables using Bash? (9 answers) Closed 3 years ago . test.sh contains: A=$1 B=$2 I set test.sh to chmod 777 I started the script with 2 parameters: ./test.sh first last Then I tested it by typing: echo "FirstVar: $A SecondVar: $B" Result: "FirstVar: SecondVar: " What did I do wrong? 回答1: When you run your script like this: ./test.sh whatever Bash runs another instance of shell which interprets command in your script. If

JavaScript Console not starting loop. No apparent bugs can be found

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问题 I am trying to write some which starts from 86400 and counts down all to way to 0. But when I create the loop, the console would not display anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated! let date = new Date(); let hour = date.getHours(); let min = date.getMinutes(); let sec = date.getSeconds(); let hourToSec = parseInt(hour) * 3600; let minToSec = parseInt(min) * 60; let currentSec = hourToSec * minToSec * sec; let remTime = 86400 - currentSec; while (remTime > -1) { console.log(remTime);

Specman: Error in on-the-fly generating of list of lists with all different values

╄→尐↘猪︶ㄣ 提交于 2019-12-11 13:46:55
问题 I try to generate on-the-fly list of list of uint ( my_list_of_list ) with all different values (I have a variable num_of_ms_in_each_g : list of uint , that keeps lengths of every list inside my_list_of_list ): var my_list_of_list : list of list of uint; gen my_list_of_list keeping { for each (g) using index (g_idx) in it { g.size() == num_of_ms_in_each_g[g_idx]; for each (m) using index (m_idx) in g { // Error in the next line: m not in it[0..g_idx-1][0..num_of_ms_in_each_g[g_idx]-1]; m not