Is multicasting possible with Wi-Fi Direct?

雨燕双飞 提交于 2019-11-30 14:17:19

Is it possible to create a p2p group with multiple devices ?

Based on the Industry white paper and the technical specs, yes it is possible to create a group with multiple devices, you will have a one-to-many connection, one Group Owner (GO) and many clients.

Send multicast packets from a source peer to the other peers?

Based on the technical specs, the GO shall act as a DHCP server and provide an IP address to the connected clients (which should act as a DHCP client). Each device can easily know its own IP and the GO's IP, so it should be possible to do a broadcast using the address

Regarding a proper multicast, I am not sure, I guess it depends on the capabilities of the DHCP server created.