How to run external war file with embedded tomcat of spring boot with gradle?

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问题 I am trying to deploy external war file into embedded tomcat of spring boot.I added gradle dependencies in the format of .war file and i want run this war with by spring boot app , but not running please anyone can help me out. 回答1: Just try with this approach. add this code block in your spring boot application. your war file must be placed in a src/main/resources directory. @Bean public EmbeddedServletContainerFactory servletContainerFactory() { return new

Springboot upgrade 1.5.8 to 2.0 release getting exception “org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException”

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问题 Gradle dependency related to kubernetes: "io.fabric8:spring-cloud-kubernetes-core:0.1.6", "io.fabric8:spring-cloud-starter-kubernetes:0.1.6", "org.springframework.cloud:spring-cloud-starter-sleuth:1.2.4.RELEASE", Getting the below exception while upgrading springboot 1.5.6 to 2.0.0.Release Parameter 2 of method configurationUpdateStrategy in io.fabric8.spring.cloud.kubernetes.reload.ConfigReloadAutoConfiguration$ConfigReloadAutoConfigurationBeans required a bean of type 'org.springframework

Spring Boot 2 Gradle plugin without executable jar

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问题 How do I configure Spring Boot Gradle plugin 2 to disable the Boot distribution in Gradle Script Kotlin. The distribution i want is a assembly bundle zip with all dependencies (and the jar) in the lib folder. I have enabled the Jar task and disabled the bootJar task. Current source of my build file https://github.com/Skatteetaten/mokey/blob/825a81f20c21a2220876a09ebf7f01fe7c61f2fd/build.gradle.kts Note that the aurora skatteetaten gradle plugin adds the distribution mechanism. https://github

Receiver class o.s.c.b.BootstrapApplicationListener$CloseContextOnFailureApplicationListener does not define or inherit an impl

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问题 I'm facing this error while running the project. I'm unable to know the cause of the error and unable to find a solution online as well. This project is running over another laptop without any error but when I extracted the zip and tried to run it, found it throwing error. Please help me figure this out. Thanks Error Execution failed for task ':Application.main()'. Process 'command '/home/jamshaid/Documents/idea-IC-192.5728.98/jbr/bin/java'' finished with non-zero exit value 1 StackTrace 2019

Exception while creating a fat jar for spring boot application which depends on other project

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问题 This is follow up of my previous question Convert gradle multi project to springboot fat jar application I had a http servlet application which was a multi project gradle build, where my project was a contain gradle HttpServlet project and it depends on the other two gradle java projects. I deployed all the 3 jars in the tomcat webapps/Web-INF/lib directory and run it. Now there is a requirement that I have to convert my application as a spring boot application and instead of 3 separate jars

How to execute Cucumber Spring Boot Packaged Jar from command line?

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问题 I am fairly new to cucumber-jvm world. Trying to package cucumber spring boot app as Jar. app runs fine from Eclipse. But when I package as executable jar it fails with Exception : Exception in Main Thread, No backend Module found. Make sure that you have backend module on CLASSPATH. Kindly help. Thank you. 回答1: From: https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/issues/1320 SpringBoot uses a nested jar structure that requires the use of ApplicationContext.getResources to access it transparently.

Can I create a Maven POM-only (BOM) build using the Gradle maven plugin to be deployed to Nexus?

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问题 I have a Gradle project which uses Spring's dependency management plugin to define a list of dependency versions. I am also using the Maven plugin to deploy the project to a Maven repository. I would like to be able to deploy this as a Maven bill of materials (BOM) so that I can use it in other Gradle projects to define my dependency versions. I have been able to get this to work so long as I also deploy a JAR file. However, the JAR is completely empty and superfluous. My goal is to generate

Spring Boot 2 - Change Jar Name

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问题 I am using Spring Boot 2 in my Gradle project to do a build to jar in Jenkins, and I would like to change the name of that jar file. By default, Spring Boot 2 used the Gradle property rootProject.name , which can be set in the /settings.gradle file. However, I would like to change the jar file name, without changing the rootProject.name . Here are my bootJar and springBoot sections of the build.gradle file: bootJar { launchScript() } . springBoot { buildInfo { properties { artifact = "jarName

Running Spring Boot Application on WebSphere 9

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问题 I've a Spring Boot Application with main class: @SpringBootApplication public class MyApplication extends SpringBootServletInitializer{ public static void main(String[] args) { SpringApplication.run(MyApplication .class, args); } @Override protected SpringApplicationBuilder configure(SpringApplicationBuilder application){ return application.sources(applicationClass); } private static Class<MyApplication > applicationClass = MyApplication .class; } With gradle.build : version '1.0' //

Spring Boot 2 NoSuchMethodException: org.springframework.mobile.device.Device.<init>()

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问题 Recently I tried to update my Spring Boot application version from 1.5.10.RELEASE to 2.0.0.RELEASE Project Environment JDK version 1.8 jcenter() repository in Gradle IDE Spring tool Suite (STS) Version: 3.9.2 I have encountered two issues I got the completion issue below. Could not resolve all files for configuration ':compileClasspath'. Could not find org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-mobile: Then I checked the latest version of spring-boot-starter-mobile library and there’s no