How do you post form submissions to a Google Drive Spreadsheet using Google App Scripts

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问题 I want to create a form on my site that when a user submits, it posts their data to a particular Spreadsheet in my Google Drive. How can I do this with Google App Scripts? sample form <form method='post' action='https://script.google.com/macros/s/xxxx.....'> Favorite Color <input type='text' value='' name='color' /> Favorite Ice Cream Flavor <input type='text' value='' name='flavor' /> <input type='button' value='submit' /> </form> so that when I hit submit it creates a record in a Google

How to protect ranges per specific users in google sheet?

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问题 I am trying to apply protection on all sheets and certain ranges using a google script, for every sheet in its workbook (and can be applied on new added sheets via a trigger later) the problem is, I want to assign different ranges to different users after protecting the whole sheet from anyone, but the people allowed to edit on their ranges! I can't seem to know why it doesn't work.. It works oppositely , allowing all users to edit all ranges but the protected ones. I want the first editor to

excel two different color gradient within same column

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问题 Is it possible to fill a column in red and green so that the values above a certain number (e.g. 1000) are highlighted in a gradient of red and the ones below the number are highlighted in a gradient of green? 回答1: Use a 3-Color-Scale with white as the middle color and number set at 1000: 来源: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48037022/excel-two-different-color-gradient-within-same-column

How to nest IF block with OR statement in Google Spreadsheet

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问题 I'm looking for some help with this little code that I'm using in Google spreadsheet: =ArrayFormula(IF(OR(F2:F="Cancelled",G2:G="Cancelled"),"Cancelled",IF(F2:F="Finished",20,)+IF(G2:G="Finished",20,))) For some reason it works if I use this code without calling multiple rows: =ArrayFormula(IF(OR(F2="Cancelled",G2="Cancelled"),"Cancelled",IF(F2="Finished",20,)+IF(G2="Finished",20,))) Does anyone have an idea which is the correct way to use it? Thanks in advance. 回答1: OR merges all TRUE s to

How to enable not authorized users to protect the spreadsheet

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问题 In our team we have the following scenario: we're using a google spreadsheet with some protected areas (mainly formulas that must not be overridden - only the "admin", in our case it's me, can edit them). The other input fields are unprotected. Every team member can enter their data. At some point in time (end of the sprint), our project managers need to report the numbers from the spreadsheet. To ensure that the numbers do not get changed afterward, they want to look at the entire sheet. For

Combining Multi-Line text columns together in Sublime Text

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问题 Lets say I have 2 columns with a billion lines in each here's how they begin: Column 1 I said She said it said Column 2 you're amazing he's awesome enough already I've tried highlighting column 1 and splitting it into lines CTRL+L but then how would I combine column 2's lines to each of colum 1's lines properly to make 1 legible column? 回答1: I'm not 100% sure that I understand what you want to do but if I do then... Use multiple selections like this: Hope this helps and is in fact what you

Google Sheet - How to FULL OUTER JOIN with one table?

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问题 I would like to create a tables for my tournament. I create a table with some players and their leagues. I would like to generate matchmaking table, by league, like that I'm to weak with google spreadsheet to do that. I understood I can't use "JOIN" with "QUERY()" function. It seems I need to use "ArrayFormula()" and "VLOOKUP()" functions but after hours pasted to try, I failed. If anyone of you can help me, it will be so great ! Here is a googlesheet with datas : https://docs.google.com

Open password-protected ods file with python-xlswriter or bash

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问题 I need a code to open spreadsheet via python3 (preferred) or bash that I give them password and they read them. I try by python-module "xlswriter" I protect xlsx with this method: import xlsxwriter workbook = xlsxwriter.Workbook('for-test-password.xlsx') worksheet = workbook.add_worksheet() content = ( ['Gas', 10], ['Gasoline', 20], ['Potro', 30], ['Other',40], ) row = 0 col = 0 for item, cost in (content): worksheet.write(row, col, item) worksheet.write(row, col + 1, cost) row += 1 worksheet

Conditional formatting over multiple sheets

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问题 I am a bit of an MS Excel amateur, but I'm pretty sure that Excel can handle something like this. I have a spreadsheet where the first sheet is a master sheet presenting the codes and description of some tasks, followed by some (multiple) workrole sheets, each having a small subset of those codes that conform to that workrole. Master Sheet Code | Description | Module 1 | Module 2 | Module 3 | ... 4 XYZ Yes No No 6 ABC No Yes Yes Workrole Sheet Code | Module 1 | Module 2 | Module 3 | ... 4 7 I

Data to Table in Excel Sheet

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问题 I was given the assignment of parsing a word document form, and putting it into an Excel sheet. The code below does that with ease.. but I've recently learned I need to put that data into an Excel table instead of just the cells of a sheet. For row = 1 To theTable.Rows.Count `until end of rows isHeaderOrNot = theTable.Cell(row, 0).Range.Text `if first field in row is a header If isHeaderOrNot.Contains("Section") Or isHeaderOrNot.Contains("Field") Then Continue For keyText = theTable.Cell(row,