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  8 月 10 日,专注于治疗肌肉疾病的初创公司 Dyne Therapeutics 宣布完成新一轮战略融资,金额高达 1.15 亿美元。本轮融资由 Vida Ventures 和 Surveyor Capital 领投,Wellington Management Company 和 Franklin Templeton 等跟投。值得一提的是,成立短短 2 年左右,这家公司已经完成了两轮融资,融资总额超过 1.6 亿美元。本次融资将会加速公司肌肉疾病治疗管线进入临床以及进一步开发包括心脏和代谢性疾病在内的其他适应症管线。   这家初创缘何获得众多知名 VC 青睐,短短几年获得巨额融资?   Dyne Therapeutics 成立于 2018 年,总部位于马萨诸塞州,由知名 VC Atlas Ventures 孵化,是一家针对严重肌肉疾病开发靶向治疗的生物制药公司。公司拥有管理经验丰富的强大领导团队,创始人兼执行董事 Jason Rhodes 是哈佛 RNA 医学研究所顾问委员会成员;首席执行官 Joshua Brumm 具有丰富的医疗行业领导和融资经验,先后领导了 Kaleido、Versartis 和 ZELTIQ Aesthetics 等的 IPO 上市,还于 2014 年被评为 “市值 5 亿美元以下公司,硅谷商业期刊年度首席财务官”;首席科学官 Romesh

Showing a View on a button click in rhoMobile

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问题 I have created a simple project in rhomobile. My home screen shows a text box and a button. here is the code for that in index.erb <div data-role="content"> <br /><br /> Email Address : <input type="text" name="Email" /><br /> <form method="POST" action="<%= url_for(:action =>:show_VibLoc) %>"> <input type="submit" value="Submit" /> </form> Now I have created a new file VibLoc.erb in settings folder which is under app folder. in VibLoc.erb i am showing just two buttons. In the controller.rb

rhomobile and oauth2

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问题 Based on this stackoverflow question foursquare oauth2 for IOS I need to send user from my app to foursquare. Get permission and redirect to my web server. I get the access token, but how do I redirect to a view? In my rhomobile controller I have def fsq_login WebView.navigate('https://foursquare.com/oauth2/authenticate?client_id=MY CLIENT_IT&response_type=code&redirect_uri=http://lvh.me:3000/fsq_req') end Once I have the access_token, how can I get my webserver to trigger a rhomobile view?

How to access database and create table in Rhomobile framework

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问题 I am new to Rhomobile. I am developing application in Rhomobile. Can any one guide me How can view the database and tables in RHOMOBILE and How can create a database and tables. I have seen the RHOMOBILE tutorials. I did't get any clear idea. Pleas Guide me. 回答1: If in Windows you can view your database in the file under your gem's folder in the path platform/wm/bin/win32/rhodes/Debug/rho/db/syncdblocal.sqlite You can use SQLite Database Browser (http://sqlitebrowser.sourceforge.net) to

How to pass variables to partial in Rhomobile

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问题 I have a partial where i need show the value of variable catchedEvent , Partial <div class="eventList">Here to show the value of the variable</div> On my erb page i'm calling this using <%= render :partial =>"mypartial" %> I can't get the way to pass the variable to it. Please help. 回答1: You can use the locals or collections as specified over here http://docs.rhomobile.com/rhodes/ui#advanced-usage-of-render <%= render :partial =>"mypartial", :locals => { :event => "myevent" } %> Then on

Opening Camera Instance from a Web App

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问题 Is it possible to open Camera instance from Web App? I have a Web App. displays something, and I want the user to be able to Take a picture and send it to the server. How can I achieve this? 回答1: Using cordova apis it's easy Check out the following code sample: JS: // A button will call this function // To capture photo function capturePhoto() { // Take picture using device camera and retrieve image as base64-encoded string navigator.camera.getPicture(uploadPhoto, onFail, { quality: 50,

Passing parameter in a Ruby function from HTML

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问题 I have two files. .rb (with Ruby code) and .erb (HTML file with some ruby script). I am calling a Ruby function in .rb from .erb . .erb <a href="<%= url_for :action => :showProducts(i) %>">Click here</a> .rb def showProducts(param) //Some code end I am able to call a function without passing parameters to it. But as and when I pass parameters to function and then call it, I receive an error. I know this is the incorrect way to call a parametrized function from .erb . What is the correct way

how to invoke a method for every second in ruby

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问题 I wanted to create a stopwatch program in ruby so I googled it and found this SO Q. But over there, the author calls the tick function with 1000xxx.times . I wanted to know how I can do it using something like (every second).times or for each increment of second do call the tick function. 回答1: Thread.new do while true do puts Time.now # or call tick function sleep 1 end end 回答2: This function: def every_so_many_seconds(seconds) last_tick = Time.now loop do sleep 0.1 if Time.now - last_tick >=

How to use a variable from one method to other in a same class in Ruby?

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问题 I am new to Ruby. I have a below code in my controller. Desired Behaviour :- I want to display validation error string to my views on edit page. So I am putting those errors in a variable. When validation fails then I want to use that variable in my edit method, so that I can display that on my edit page view. Observed behaviour :- There is a variable @vpinerr in create method. I wan to use that variable in edit method. I have tried to use the class variable (@@vpinerr) and initialized it

How to add .erb file in existing model in rhoMobile

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问题 I have created a simple application and edited the index.erb file so that I have a simple view with a text box and a button. Now when i click on that button i want it to navigate to a new view. I know that we can add models and in that models we have different .erb files. but i want to create a single .erb file or add it to an existing model so that i can change edit the view and call that view as i press the button. Is it like for every screen we have to create a model?? I dont know how to