JMS encoded message selector not matching when using special characters

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问题 I have 2 applications (client and server) using a request-reply pattern. The client sends a request to the server the message ID is set to something like this: ID=Hostname-52991-1357677886768-3:1:2:1:1 . Now the client has to listen to a message with a correlation ID set to the same value. Since the value contains special characters (:) I have to encode the value (using UTF-8). Sets the JMS Selector, which is an SQL 92 predicate that is used to filter messages within the broker. You may have

Unit testing with JMS (ActiveMQ)

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问题 How to do unit testing with JMS ? Is it some de-facto for this ? I googled something - Unit testing for JMS: - jmsTemplate: - mockRunner : Do you have any good experience on those and suggestion for me ? 回答1: In my experience (after trying to do the same thing) when you are using JMS you are doing something like 1) Get JMS Message 2) Extract Object from Message 3)

What are template classes in Spring Java? Why are they called templates? For example jdbc-template, jms-template etc

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问题 I'm new to Java. I've only been programming it for about a year. What does Spring mean by the use of templates? In Spring, there is jdbc-templates, jms-templates etc.. What are template classes in java? Are they a special kind of design pattern or what? Thank you in advance. 回答1: They are called template as use the Template method pattern. Basically the idea is define the operation needed to do something in an abstract class or super class

How to post on multiple queues using single job/ JMSwriter in spring batch

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问题 I am a newbie at Spring Batch and have recently started using it. I have a requirement where I need to post/write the messages read from each DB record on different queues using single Job. As I have to use reader to read the messages from DB and use processor to decide on which queue I have to post it. So my question is Can I use single JMSwriter to post the messages on different queues as I have to use single Job and DB Reader. Thanks in Advance 回答1: As I know JMSwriter not supports it (it

What precisely means setSessionTransacted in JMSTemplate?

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问题 Please explain me if I understood correctly Spring documentation. Spring docs states: (...)When you use the JmsTemplate in an unmanaged environment, you can specify these values ( transaction and acknowledgment modes ) through the use of the properties sessionTransacted and sessionAcknowledgeMode. When you use a PlatformTransactionManager with JmsTemplate, the template is always given a transactional

Executable Jar: JMSCC0091: The provider factory for connection type '' could not be loaded

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问题 I encountered this very weird problem while working on using JMSTemplate to connect to IBM Websphere MQ. The code runs perfectly fine in Eclipse, but when I use shade plugin to package the project and all the dependencies into an Uber jar, I got this error while executing the jar file: JMSCC0091: The provider factory for connection type '' could not be loaded. at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor4.newInstance(Unknown

Spring DLMC and JMSTemplate behavior while using Transactions

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问题 I have a some questions regarding transactions in DMLC and JMSTemplate. Does Spring DMLC receive messages asynchronously using callbacks if we are not using transactions ? Does DMLC also receive messages asynchronous while using transacted session. (setting sessionTransacted to true). What is the behavior after setting sessionTransacted to true ? 3, What is the difference between AUTO_ACK and SESSION_TRANSACTED mode from consumer's prospective. In AUTO_ACK mode DMLC send acknowledgement to

ACTIVEMQ- publisher subscriber hello world example

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问题 There are two programs: subscriber and publisher... Subscriber is able to put the message onto the topic and the message is sent successfully. When I check the activemq server on my browser it shows 1 msg enqueued . But when I run the consumer code, it is not receiving the message Here is the producer code: import javax.jms.*; import org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnection; import org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory; public class producer { private static String url =

Understanding JMS integration testing with Spring SingleConnectionFactory and CachingConnectionFactory

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问题 Please some help understanding the following: I am using CachingConnectionFactory in my app and first used it during my jms tests to test my jms config like guaranteed delivery, rollback/commit, etc.. I am using Spring's JmsTemplate for sending and DefaultMessageListenerContainer during delivery. I noticed that this is hard/impossible when using several test methods run sequential Example: in test method A I throw exceptions in the Message listener (consumer side) such that retries occur.

JmsTemplate - define concurrency per queue?

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问题 So far i've only been able to find concurrency setting in the jms connection factory: <jms:listener-container connection-factory="myConnectionFactory" task-executor="myTaskExecutor" destination-resolver="myDestinationResolver" transaction-manager="myTransactionManager" concurrency="10"> Is it possible to configure the number of consumers for a single queue? i.e something like: <jms:listener destination="playerStatsQueue" ref="playerStatsService" method="onMessage" concurrency="100" /> Thanks!