VirtualTreeView add roots with Threads

点点圈 提交于 2019-12-07 20:33:50
问题 I would like to add roots to a VirtualTreeView with a thread like this: function AddRoot ( p : TForm1 ) : Integer; stdcall; begin p.VirtualStringTree1.AddChild(NIL); end; var Dummy : DWORD; i : Integer; begin for i := 0 to 2000 do begin CloseHandle(CreateThread(NIL,0, @ADDROOT, Self,0, Dummy)); end; end; The reason for this is that I want to add all connections from my INDY Server to the TreeView. Indy's onexecute/onconnect get's

MultiCast Messages to multiple clients on the same machine

冷暖自知 提交于 2019-12-04 19:54:22
问题 Im trying to write a server/service that broadcasts a message on the lan ever second or so, Kind of like a service discovery. The message needs to be received by multiple client programs that could be on the same machine or different machines. But there could be more than one program on each machine running at the same time. Im using delphi7, with indy 9.0.18 where im stuck is if i should be using UDP(TIdUDPClient/Server) or IP MultiCast (TIdIPMCastClient/Server) or if its even possible...