Open HomeKits X-HM:// URL sheme

∥☆過路亽.° 提交于 2020-06-27 16:35:19
问题 I'm creating an App with the HomeKit SDK and I'd like to add an uncertified accessory programmatically. My goal is to build a user-friendly and convenient pairing process without having a printed QR-code or NFC ready accessory. I'd like to hand on the pairing pin / pairing URL programmatically, so the user doesn't need to worry about any codes. I've already set up the HMAccessoryBrowser and it finds the accessory fast and reliable. So far I've the HMAccessory object as well as a valid pairing

How to add HomeKit accessory using HMAccessoryPayLoad?

不打扰是莪最后的温柔 提交于 2020-06-23 14:09:37
问题 Hello currently I'm working on HomeKit, I want achieve one feature using HomeKit. My requirement is without using QR code I want to add accessory. As every accessory has it's own URL like e.g. X-HM://XXXXXXXXX associated with QR code, i.e. HMAccessoryPayLoad . The very similar questions which are unanswered I can see How to Add and Set up accessory using HMAccessoryPayLoad Open HomeKits X-HM:// URL sheme So as per documentation I tried using below code to add accessory. I hope using this code