How to detect canceled or refunded order for Google in-app billing?

China☆狼群 提交于 2020-06-24 14:50:28
问题 I have red a lot of posts and Google documents, but am still not clear how to tell an in-app purchase has been refunded. I have red carefully In-App Billing v3 - Don't detect refund and Does Google Play In-App Billing Version 3 support refunds?. I believe that I took the following notes from an official Google document a while ago by copy & paste: purchaseState: The purchase state of the order. Possible values are 0 (purchased), 1 (canceled), or 2 (refunded). Now, the official document has

Android Market. Google Checkout and Bank account

余生长醉 提交于 2020-01-15 03:13:27
问题 Please excuse the fact that it's not a programming question, but it's still related to software development, so i hope it is ok. Creating an Android developer account for paid apps implies registering a GoogleCheckout account which in turn implies linking it to a bank account from one of those 31 eligible countries. Can someone please clarify for me some aspects regarding Google Checkout and the bank which is linked to the GC account? So here are a couple of questions: If i'm not mistaken i

Getting Started With ASP.NET MVC3 & Google Checkout: Take 2

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问题 This is a follow-up to: Now I finally started to know what's going on with the Google Checkout API. I decided to do everything on the server side. So I wrote some code but I could not make a successful call to the API. Here's my code: var str = string.Format("{0}:{1}", MERCHANT_ID, MERCHANT_KEY); var auth = EncodeTo64(str); var request = WebRequest.Create("

How to subscribe to click event of html form?

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问题 I have a google checkout "buy now" button and I want to add dynamically created information to send when it's clicked. How do I do that? The button's html is: <form action="" id="Form1" method="post" name="..." target="_top"> <input name="item_name_1" type="hidden" value="..." /> ... <input alt="" src="" type="image" /> </form> So what do I add? (And if possible, I'd like to do that

Delay when verifying Android in-app purchase with Google Checkout Polling API

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问题 I'm trying to verify Android in-app purchases from my server using the Google Checkout API. As per this other query (App on Android market - HTTP notifications don't come), I get no callback so I'm using the polling API. It's working fine, except that I'm getting a 5 or 6 minute delay before the polling receives the notifications about a purchase, even though all the information is already visible to the user logged in to the merchant account in a browser. Checking the API documentation, it

In-App Billing v3 - Don't detect refund

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问题 I've followed the training about "In-App Billing v3" of Google. I get to do a buy of a item but I've a problem. I've canceled and refunded the buy but the app detect the buy as true. I can't continue testing my app because always I detect as purchased the item. The only error that I've found in logCat is the next: [3687] InAppBillingService.logResponseBundle: Bundle does not contain a response code Appears after launching

Android Market (Google Play). Get buyer information

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问题 I want to publish a PAID app on the market but first I'd like to find out if it's possible to at least see an email address of each person who bought my app. I'd like a way of possibly contacting some of them (no, i don't want to send spam or such). Is this possible? Someone told me that in Google Checkout you can see each buyers detailed information which also contains an email address. Is this true? Please excuse the fact that it's not a programming question, but it's still related to

google checkout,How to find payment completed in API callback

纵饮孤独 提交于 2019-12-13 04:20:46
问题 Now i am working with Google checkout payment.I want to find the payment completion using API callback url,And i need to send an email to the payer,When he complete the payment.Can anyone help me with some example codes. 回答1: Use the Notification API to get transaction information back from Google Checkout. When you get back the notification, you can read your custom ID from the merchant-private-data

How to handle call back url in the google checkout for multiple websites?

泪湿孤枕 提交于 2019-12-12 05:03:49
问题 I have been working on google checkout integration in classic ASP, my client have various eCommerce websites and want to use single merchant account (Google Checkout) for all websites. I have set up the callback url in merchant account, but I need to identify from which website's order has been placed, to save information in the database. Can I specify a callback url from the code itself, for each different website using the single merchant account? 回答1: You can use the merchant-private-data

MVC and multiple google checkout merchant ids

廉价感情. 提交于 2019-12-12 01:46:20
问题 This will be my first time to handle credit card transactions and merchant ids. I have a site that offers services to both event organizers and its users. If a user would want to buy tickets for an event, I want the money to go to the organizers directly. I was thinking I have to handle this with an organizer having their own merchant ids and just store them. My question is though, do I have to ask for their merchant key as well? As a follow up question, is this a better way to handle