how can color of status bar be changed as per different forms in codenameone?

心已入冬 提交于 2021-02-08 08:46:23


I have gone via the beow link and it works well . change color

  1. But there is static status color and I want to change of status bar as per the different form.
  2. I want to use transparent background image as per the attached image , how can it done?

[EDIT] I have added the in hint build as shown in attached image but there is no changed in status bar, is I using it correctly or not please verify it.


Right now transparent status bar is only supported on iOS. We don't support that elsewhere.

It might work using this: Android Completely transparent Status Bar?

But we haven't tested it and the one user who tried it didn't report success. The build hint would allow you to inject to the theme.xml but I'm not sure how android:fitsSystemWindows can work.