Get row values of ticked checkbox in jtable

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class TableModel extends AbstractTableModel {

        Object rowData[][] = DataAccess.getSentences();
        String columnNames[] = {"Category", "Sentences", "Boolean"};

        public int getColumnCount() {
            return columnNames.length;

        public String getColumnName(int column) {
            return columnNames[column];

        public int getRowCount() {
            return rowData.length;

        public Object getValueAt(int row, int column) {
            return rowData[row][column];

        public Class getColumnClass(int column) {
            return (getValueAt(0, column).getClass());

        public void setValueAt(Object value, int row, int column) {
            rowData[row][column] = value;

        public boolean isCellEditable(int row, int column) {
            return (column >= 2);

Sample scenario:

Headers: Category, Sentences, Boolean

Row1: apple | this is an apple | checkbox

Row2: cat | this is a cat | checkbox

When I ticked the first row. It will System.out.println() the "apple" and "this is an apple."

If you have much time, i would appreciate if there's a code snippet. Thank you.


CheckABunch is an example that may get you started:

  • If getColumnClass() returns Boolean.class for a column, the default renderer and editor will be a JCheckBox.

  • For AbstractTableModel, your implementation of setValueAt() must fire the appropriate event, as shown here and here.

  • Add a TableModelListener to receive events fired by your model, as shown here.


JTable get cehckbox value when check box is checked:-

table.getModel().addTableModelListener(new TableModelListener() {
              public void tableChanged(TableModelEvent e) {
                   for(int i=0;i<table.getModel().getRowCount();i++)
                        if ((Boolean) table.getModel().getValueAt(i,0))