Importing and extracting a random sample from a large .CSV in R

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I'm doing some analysis in R where I need to work with some large datasets (10-20GB, stored in .csv, and using the read.csv function).

As I will also need to merge and transform the large .csv files with other data frames, I don't have the computing power or memory to import the entire file.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to import a random percentage of the csv.

I have seen some examples where people have imported the entire file and then used a separate function to create another data frame that is a sample of the original, however I am hoping for something a little less intensive.


I think that there is not a good R tool to read a file in a random way (maybe it can be an extension read.table or fread(data.table package)) .

Using perl you can easily do this task. For example , to read 1% of your file in a random way, you can do this :

xx= system(paste("perl -ne 'print if (rand() < .01)'",big_file),intern=TRUE)

Here I am calling it from R using system. xx contain now only 1% of your file.

You can wrap all this in a function:

read_partial_rand <- 
    cmd <- paste0("perl -ne 'print if (rand() < ",percent,")'")
    cmd <- paste(cmd,big_file)