R#6 - Suggests “Use directory” in razor views. How to disable?

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I am using R#6 and when I edit some razor views, R#6 suggests that I "use directory".

(Whine :)) I dont want to! How do I turn off this annoyance? I have searched through R#6 options. It is definitely R# since the annoyance goes away when i suspend R#.

In the printscreen, R# wants to change /SignUp to ../Signup.

It is incorrect because the view is the layout and could be in any directory structure. So i want it to be /Signup

Solution: As derigel states. Wait for the warning to show. Hit escape. Then CTRL+Enter. A mini menu appears where you can suppress or change the warning severity. I changed the warning severity to "do not show"


Valamas, OffBySome gave you really good advice, but you still able to disable this warning locally by comment or generally, at all. It's some UI problem here - first, press escape to disable popup, and then, press alt+enter and you will bring few options how to disable this warning.


For your url's, try using relative urls by using @Url.Content("~/images/image.jpg") and @Url.Action("Action", "Controller") instead of hard-coding the absolute / urls. I think this will resolve the Resharper issue, and also make your url's relative in case you are hosting this as a subsite on an IIS instance.


I solved it by properly entering the path.


    <Image Source="Images\Q_hor_pos_full_rgb.gif" Height="76" Margin="6,-3,0,7" HorizontalAlignment="Left"/>

It turns out that I had placed this xaml file in a subfolder, and that the Images folder was actually one level higher:

  • Main\Images\Q_hor_pos_full_rgb.gif
  • Main\UserControls\File.xaml


    <Image Source="..\Images\Q_hor_pos_full_rgb.gif" Height="76" Margin="6,-3,0,7" HorizontalAlignment="Left"/>

As soon as I did that, the application found the file with no problem.