FCM: Cannot click notification

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I'm using the recently release FCM messaging support for push notifications on the chrome. When my app is in the background, I get the notification but nothing happens when I click the notification. How to I specify the URL which should open when the user clicks the notification? (I understand how its done using the pure service worker concept using the notificationclick event, I want to know how to do that using FCM messaging.)

messaging.setBackgroundMessageHandler(function(payload) {
  var data = payload || {};
  var shinyData = decoder.run(data);

  console.log('[firebase-messaging-sw.js] Received background message ', shinyData);

  return self.registration.showNotification(shinyData.title, {
    body: shinyData.body,
    icon: shinyData.icon

What am I missing here?


click_action is not one of the possible parameters of the showNotification function.

To handle the click on the notification, define a notificationclick event handler.

For example:

self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {


Marco's answer is correct.

The Firebase Messaging Library is a wrapper on top of the Web Push API.

The notification: { click_action: 'https://...' } payload will show a notification and handle the click for you. To achieve the same with data payload you should implement the notificationclick event listener (Like Marco suggested).

self.addEventListener('notificationclick', function(event) {

  ... Do your stuff here.

You can also do the same with the notificationclose event:

self.addEventListener('notificationclose', function(event) {
  ... Do your stuff here.