YQL weather result is null in half the time

℡╲_俬逩灬. 提交于 2020-01-03 16:44:18
问题 Yahoo data sometimes fails to get data, "query.results is null or not an object" . This is happening to me to on Chrome 55.0.2883.87 and fierfox 50.1.0. This is the YQL i'm Using: * from weather.forecast where woeid = 2514815&format=json And the response: {"query":{"count":0,"created":"2017-01-01T22:27:51Z","lang":"en-US","results":null}} what do i do? ideas? 来源:

Yahoo Finance Historical data downloader url is not working

陌路散爱 提交于 2019-12-28 02:53:13
问题 I have used the following url to fetch the historical data from yahoo finance. From last 16th May, 2017 the url is not working. Seems like they have changed the url and the new url is: In the above changed URL has a session cookie which is crumb. Is there

snapLogic REST Account for Yahoo OAuth2

谁说胖子不能爱 提交于 2019-12-25 18:41:59
问题 How do you create a snapLogic REST Account for Yahoo OAuth2? I'm able to get the Request Authorization part to work but after I authrozie the application, snapLogic does not have the Access token populated 回答1: Here are the settings that I used to successfully establish an OAuth connection with yahoo using the explicit grant flow ( Depsite the parameters that yahoo outlines in their documentation, the snapLogic REST Account object does

Swift Alamofire Request Error - Extra Argument in call

99封情书 提交于 2019-12-25 08:41:01
问题 I am getting an error when I am trying to request using Alamofire. The error says that there is an 'extra argument in call'. class SwiftStockKit { class func fetchStocksFromSearchTerm(term: String, completion:@escaping (_ stockInfoArray: [StockSearchResult]) -> ()) { DispatchQueue.GlobalQueuePriority.default).async { let searchURL = "" Alamofire.request(.GET, searchURL, parameters: ["query": term, "region": 2, "lang": "en"])

Is there a way to tie emails together other than by the “Subject” text?

拜拜、爱过 提交于 2019-12-25 04:16:11
问题 I want to tie email "threads" together programmatically, specifically gmail and yahoo email "conversations." Is there a way to do this (some kind of link or pointer or "thread ID" contained within an email), or am I stuck with relying on the emailers not changing the text in the "Subject" line? And besides, that trick would be barely functional at all, as many unrelated threads may have the same subject (such as "[no subject]" etc.). 回答1: Yes. EMails contain a header (message ID), that is a

Add line break in description field of yahoo calendar api

被刻印的时光 ゝ 提交于 2019-12-25 02:19:20
问题 I am trying to add a link to yahoo calendar events like this<br>Name%3A%20Hello%20World<br>&ST=20180630T070000&DUR=0100 But event description is appearing in same line. Other things are alright. Can anyone suggest how can I add line breaks in DESC so that it looks like this Client Info Name: Hello World PS: Same description works fine in google calendar api. 回答1: To break a line use %0d%0a (encoded CRLF or \r\n ) or %0a (encoded LF or \n

yahoo oauth $user->getProfile(); returns null

烂漫一生 提交于 2019-12-25 01:51:46
问题 I'm using php and downloaded the yahoo library to import yahoo user info. I've already finished it and it has been working flawlessly, but now it has started to return: Notice (8): Trying to get property of non-object [APP/Vendor/Yahoo/, line 1036] This notice appears after logging in through yahoo. When I debug $user->getProfile() it returns null. I didn't change anything in my code that's why i don't have any idea what is causing it. Please help! This is the relevant part of my

Search Yahoo API geo.places with like operator

大城市里の小女人 提交于 2019-12-24 23:17:41
问题 I want to use the Yahoo API with the geo.places table. It really works great with single queries, but I want to list all city names which names BEGIN with the query text. This is my query URL right now: * from geo.places where text = 'dallas' And this is what I want: * from geo.places where text LIKE 'dallas%' Is it possible? If yes, how exactly? I can't find any useful information in the docs

Trying to retrieve yahoo weather using jquery / php / xml

谁说胖子不能爱 提交于 2019-12-24 09:24:54
问题 Whats wrong with this function? function yahooWeather(){ var loadPage = 'yahooweather.php?p='+ $("#myCity").val(); $("#yahoo").html('<img src="loading.gif" align="absmiddle">'); $("#yahoo").load(loadPage); } Is there another way to write this function. Im unsure if its able to read the .val required, tho i know it is set as i used it in a previous function to test that it was being set, so im thinking its maybe my load call. This is the page. This function once

OmniContacts gem always fail on with my yahoo contacts importes

耗尽温柔 提交于 2019-12-24 00:25:26
问题 I'm using OmniContacts gem to import contacts from yahoo and gmail to my app. Now the yahoo importer stop working. I have the following actions on my controller: def contacts_callback @contacts = request.env['omnicontacts.contacts'] @importer = params[:importer] if session[:draw_token] @draw_token = session[:draw_token] end end def import_failed if session[:draw_token] draw = Draw.find_by_token(session[:draw_token]) if draw != nil session[:draw_token] = nil redirect_to dashboard_draw_url(draw