Increment Label Value with UIStepper in UITableViewCell

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问题 I want to be able to use a UIStepper that is located in each tableview row. I would like each UIStepper to update a label in the same tableview row that the UIStepper is in. The code that I am trying is as follows func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell { let cartListCell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier: reuseCartListingCellIdentifier, for: indexPath) as? CartListingItemTableViewCell cartListCell?.UI_STEPPER_NAME.value =

iOS controlling a slider value and text label value with a stepper

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问题 I already have a slider that controls the output of a text label. -(IBAction)mySlider:(UISlider *)sender { _myTextLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%i", (int) sender.value]; } However, I also want a stepper to be able to changer the slider's position. So, if the slider has been set to 50, and the text label says 50, I want the stepper to increment to 51, 52, 53, etc. Does anyone know the code to do this? Thanks! 回答1: You will need to keep an reference for the UISlider . Make a handler

how to add json and stepper value store in using button click event nsmutablearray in ios

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问题 i am new in ios developer.i want to store json and stepper value.i have already store json and stepper value is nsmutablearray but problem is when i back to the screen that time this array new value is overwrite to old value.but i want to store old nad new value both.i upload my json response. { Data: [ { m_id: "1", m_name: "Shirts(Man)", m_drycleaning_price: "12", m_washiron_price: "25", m_wash_price: "10", m_iron_price: "9", m_imagename: "a" }, { m_id: "2", m_name: "Pants(Man)", m

why my stepper value inside collection view cell doesn't change?

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问题 I have collection view cell, and I have stepper and product name label inside the collection view cell. I have six products displayed on the collection view cell. I want to add the product to cart / order by tapping the Add To Cart Button. once the add to cart button is tapped, then the add to cart button will be hided and it will show the stepper, like the image below. here is my code for my collection view cell: protocol OrderCellDelegate { func stepperValueChange(at selectedIndexPath:

UIStepper. Find out whether incremented or decremented

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问题 Figuring out whether the plus or minus button was pressed in UIStepper I use this method: - (void)stepperOneChanged:(UIStepper*)stepperOne And I compare stepperOne.value with a global value saved in my TableView Class. I dont think this is the right way. So to clarify i will show the "bad" code i am using: - (void)stepperOneChanged:(UIStepper*)stepperOne { BOOL PlusButtonPressed=NO; if(stepperOne.value>globalValue) { PlusButtonPressed =YES; } globalValue=stepperOne.value; ////do what you need

How to get selected IndexPath from a stepper located inside a collection view cell?

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问题 I have collection view that has stepper inside the collection view cell used to increase the number of product like the image below. I need to know, when I click a stepper on a collection view cell. how do I know the indexPath.item of that collection view cell? so I can modify the data using the selected indexPath in the View controller? so If I change the stepper in the second cell, I will always get indexPath.item = 1 I previously think that the indexPath will come from didSelectItemAt

iOS UIStepper & NSUserDefaults - How to manage them together and use a double

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问题 I have the following code. However, the line stepper.value = [NSNumber numberWithDouble:loadNumber]; errors with the error 'Sending NSNumber *__strong to a parameter of incompatible type 'double''. I think the stepper will only accept a double, but am unsure what I am doing wrong to set it. What I need to achieve is the following:- 1) Have a default value set in NSUserDefaults for saveNumber , which will be used until a variation is made by the user. 2) on load or view appearing, use

UIStepper not updating the Corresponding Label

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问题 I have a UIStepper control that i created programmaticly in my UITableViewCell . I also created a UILabel programmaticly for the cell. whats happening is that the stepper when pressed is accessing a UILabel located in a different cell i.e index path 1 and not 0. here is the code. - (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath{ ... //---------UIStepper Creation-------------------// stepper = [[UIStepper alloc]init]; [stepper setFrame

How to get stepper and longpress to coexist?

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问题 I tried setting up a view with a longpress gesture and a stepper configured for continuous updates. With the longpress, the continuous feature of the stepper does not occur. For now, I've disabled the longpress. I guess I don't need it. But for future reference, how would I allow for both to coexist? Just to be clear, here is the way the screen was set up when I tried this. App was set up with a simple view controller. A subview was added to this view (could have been a controller, but I just

Stepper value reset after loaded from coredate

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问题 I am building a UITabledetail view, which contains a stepper and a UILabel. The uilabel will show the number of stepper pressed. My problem comes when i used core data to save the value of the uilabel. e.g. the final value of the uilabel is 30. When i load back the data, the uilabel showed 30 but, when i press the stepper again, the uilabel reset to 1 again. Is there any way to make the stepper continue to count based on my saved value? Below is my code. - (IBAction)stepperValueChanged:(id