How do I enumerate resolutions supported via TWAIN

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问题 I have to enumerate DPI's supported by scanner via TWAIN interface. // after Acquire is called... TW_CAPABILITY twCap; GetCapability(twCap, ICAP_XRESOLUTION) if (twCap.ConType == TWON_ENUMERATION) { pTW_ENUMERATION en = (pTW_ENUMERATION) GlobalLock(twCap.hContainer); for(int i = 0; i < en->NumItems; i++) { if (en->ItemType == TWTY_FIX32) { TW_UINT32 res = (TW_UINT32)(en->ItemList[i*4]); // print res... } That works fine but output sequence is strange: 50 100 150 44 88 176 I know exactly that

Running a scanning app on a 64-bit machine via ClickOnce

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问题 Okay, here's my setup. I have a c# app working perfectly on all 32-bit Windows XP-Vista-7 machine. I already have a verisign PFX to support the ClickOnce deployment and is using Atalasoft DotTwain 8.0 as the 3rd party scanner helper. When I publish my application, I choose "Any CPU" as the Platform target. When I try to make it run on a Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, my application crashes after the installation. I tried re-publishing the work on a specific x64 platform but still failed. Any


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不同的操作系统,底层使用的扫描仪驱动是不同的。Linux上用SANE,Windows上用TWAIN,Mac上用TWAIN或者ICA。不管上层用的是什么高级语言 (Java, Python, JavaScript等等), 一个跨平台的文档扫描SDK或者软件必须支持不同平台的扫描仪访问协议。Dynamic Web TWAIN是目前唯一一个支持Windows, Linux和macOS的文档扫描SDK。这里分享下如何使用Node.js来快速实现一个支持多平台的web文档扫描应用。 参考原文: JavaScript Document Scanning for Windows, Linux and

Node.js+Web TWAIN,实现Web文档扫描和图像上传

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通过 Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK 和 Node.js 的组合,只需要几行代码就可以实现在浏览器中控制扫描仪,获取图像后上传到远程服务器。 原文: Document Imaging and Uploading With Dynamic Web TWAIN and Node.js 下载安装 Dynamic Web TWAIN download Node.js download 通过Node.js创建server 创建工程目录,打开cmd.exe进入到工程目录,安装下面两个Node.js模块: npm install formidable@latest npm install

Dynamic Web TWAIN和ImageCapture成功运用于新一代富士放射管理解决方案

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Dynamsoft 公司旗下的图像捕获软件开发包 ImageCapture Suite 成功用于富士医疗系统公司的新版Synapse®RIS放射科管理软件的图像捕捉功能。ImageCapture为新版Synapse®RIS放射科管理软件提供了更方便的图像捕获和文档管理功能。ImageCapture Suite适用于放射工作流程的所有方面,从前台到远程影像诊断服务。 Fujifilm将Dynamsoft公司的 Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.1成功整合至 Synapse RIS影像扫描模块。办公人员可以轻松地扫描并捕获重要文档,如保险卡和知情同意书。Dynamic Web

Can one listen a twain (Maybe WIA) scanner?

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问题 I am evaluating VintaSoft .net control and Atalasoft DotTwain Image Capture. And I am very but very lost with the most of the definitions and keywords. So I am asking this because I think I am in Lala land. Is it possible to listen or have the scanner tell my app that there is a scanned image and I can process it? The idea is to have a winservice that is waiting for the scanner to scan something and when that happens process the image. 回答1: I have only worked with the native interfaces to

结合Dynamic .NET TWAIN和Jetty,实现基于网页的TWAIN文件扫描

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网页TWAIN扫描是通过多种技术结合实现的,看下流程图: 参考原文: Web-based Document Imaging Capture with .Net TWAIN and Jetty 准备工作 阅读: 如何通过jni4net,在Java应用中调用C#接口 使用Jetty搭建Java Websocket Server,实现图像传输 如何运行 在Eclipse中运行Java Application,选择UIMain 当这个窗口启动的时候,Websocket Server已经初始化完成。 Load:加载本地图片 Send:把图片推送到网页客户端 Scan:通过扫描仪扫描文件

Web TWAIN scanning solution for ASP.Net? [closed]

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问题 Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it's on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 3 years ago . I know some of you will discourage scanning through a web page, unfortunately, it is a requirement. I want to view my options in the situation, and maybe, some of you may have already gone through this and had a workable solution. Problem is, we need to have a universal approach in scanning documents through the

What is the state of TWAIN on the Macintosh today?

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问题 I'm currently working on a project where we want to interface with TWAIN scanners on both the PC (Windows) and the Macintosh. On Windows, we basically have everything squared away and the code works successfully with the vast majority of scanners. On Mac OS X, we also basically have everything working and with the main scanner we used to develop the application with works perfectly, but we're not having a ton of luck with other scanners. As a byproduct of development on this project, we have

WIA Twain support C#

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问题 How can I use WIA and Twain in C#? The TWIAIN/C# example found at Throws an exception at line 59 on TwainLib.cs "an attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format." on Vista 64. I would use WIA but it does not have support for all of the devices I want to use. Is there a simple way to enable TWAIN support in WIA in C#? I know it can be done but I cannot find any documentation on the subject. I am not looking for a commercial