Tizen Studio Emulator and Device Manager not working

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问题 Working in Tizen studio for Samsung tv apps. Emulator and Device manager continuously give me an error. I am unable to open that from IDE. My app is working fine on emulator but getting error while running on Samsung TV using Samsung certificate. The error I'm getting is this: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. Please help me to resolve this error. I am new and got stuck in Tizen Studio 回答1: I contacted with samsung developer support

Tyzen studio package manager does not open with java nullpointer execption. and many tools can not open

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问题 I am having lots of issues with windows version of Tizen studio such as emulator manager, control panel doesn't open. So I tried mac version but installing it on startup it could not open package manager with "Failed to execute runnable (java.lang.NullPointerException) cause: null" error, despite having valid JDK 11 and latest installer 3.6. No valid solution found so far. So should we abandon Tizen studio for lack of support and improvements? Does any one has solution? EDIT - Solution: I was

Chrome devtools inspector showing blank white screen while debugging with Samsung TV Tizen Web application

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问题 I'm debugging Samsung TV Tizen Web Application with Tizen Studio 3.6 and Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) . But Chrome Inspector showing black screen. Chrome path config : Chrome blank screen : Please help me out from this issue. 回答1: I got the solution actually it is because Chrome has launched its new version 80.0.3987.100 on the 11th of Feb and because of this version is not compatible with Samsung Tizen IDE so to resolve this you have to download the old

How to resolve Author signature issue?

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问题 I have an app on tizen TV store and when I am trying to update version then I get the following error " Author signature of the App you would like to register is set incorrectly. Try check your author-signature.xml file please. " Please help me to solve this issue. 回答1: Let's check step by step.... The package you have uploaded was generated using 'Right click on project > Build a signed package? Make sure you are using the same keystore than in previous app. You can find the Certificate

How to install app on Gear S2 via Tizen Studio?

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问题 I am new to developing Tizen apps for the Gear S2. I've been through the tutorial but can't get my app installed on my Gear S2. I'm using Tizen Studio 1.0.1 in Mac OS Sierra (10.12.1), and a newly bought Gear S2. I've installed the Extension SDK (Samsung Certificate Extension and Samsung Wearable Extension), then created a certificate through the Certificate Manager (Author Certificate and a Distributor Certificate), connected my Gear S2 via Wifi (same network as my computer), set "Permit to

Tizen Studio install error SIGNATURE_INVALID_CERT_TIME error 76

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问题 When I install my application to Gear S2 (Commercial Device), SIGNATURE_INVALID_CERT_TIME error 76 has occurred. I already use the Samsung certificate and I was using it well without problems until two weeks ago, but suddenly I had a problem. I tried to find information about this error, but I could not find it. Maybe I will create a new certificate and use it, but if you know the solution, let me know. Thank you in advance. 回答1: Make sure that the time of your development machine and your

Signature Error in Gear S3 after OS upgrade from Tizen to Tizen

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问题 My Gear S3 was running on Tizen Yesterday, I updated it to Tizen Now, when I am trying to install app from Tizen Studio 1.2, it shows following error "The application installation on the device has failed due to a signature error! (error code: -12)" Previously it worked with a certificate I generated with my device's DUID. But, its not working now. I have created new Certificates(both public and partner level), but still its showing same error for both certificate profiles.

java.io.IOExecption in tizen studio

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问题 while running BasicUI app as native app in Tizen emulator, it shows the error java.io.IOExecption .My java jdk version is 8. 回答1: Please Confirm You not are Deploying to an Lower API version Device. For Example: A 'Tizen 3.0 Wearable Native Project' to 'Tizen 2.3.2 Wearable Emulator'. 来源: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49511299/java-io-ioexecption-in-tizen-studio

Sign application package with cerificate profile in tizen studio

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问题 How to sign application package with certificate profile in Tizen studio?This doc only shows how to create Certificate profile but not how to sign the app package. I want to run the BasicUI app on Tizen emulator and sign the application package is must to run the app. 回答1: You can sign your application with your own author signing key and a testing distributor signing key in the Tizen Studio. At first create your own Certificate Profile with author and distributor cert. then click right on

Error when deploying Tizen App - Failed to get a device information

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问题 I am having a problem with deploying a Tizen app onto my Samsung smart tv. For some time it was working really good, but since updating tizen studio to 2.0 and the tv-extension to 4.0 it isn't working anymore. I always get a 'Failed to get a device information' error. [2017.11.22 00:54:29][ERROR] ProfileInfo.java(426) - Failed to get a device information from '' (model: UJ5500, platform: Tizen, version: unknown, profile: unknown `-¶) java.lang.Exception: Failed to get a device