CodeLite No executable specified, use 'target exec' error

蹲街弑〆低调 提交于 2019-12-13 00:25:41
问题 Today is my first day of using CodeLite ( and I keep getting random errors. I've managed to fix most of them, but didn't found how to fix this one: No executable specified, use 'target exec' It is shown when I press the Start or Continue debugger button. The only solution I found was this one: but it didn't fix the problem. I want to use the program to run and make C++ codes, do I need to change

How do I set the target frame for form submission in ASP.NET?

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问题 I have an page in an iframe where all links target _blank <base target="_blank" /> But I want the form on it to submit to _self (i.e. the iframe where the page is located) when the one button is clicked. The form is an <asp:Panel> with an <asp:Button> control for submitting it. Where can I set the target for this form? Since there isn't a <form> tag or an <input> tag in the file (ASP.NET makes them when it renders the page), I don't know how to change the target to override my <base>

Determine on onclick whether the clicked link is meant to open a new window or tab

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问题 Most modern browsers support the commands ctrl+click or command+click or similar to open links in a new tab or a new window. In an application, I want the link to get disabled on clicking. But only, if the target is the same window (if it, for instance, opens in a new tab, I don't want the link to become disabled since it is reasonable to click it again). I did some tries and debugged the event object that gets created on click - but I cannot find any information about whether the target is a

Target iPhone application by model (e.g. 3G vs 3GS)

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问题 Much like the required device capabilities on the info.plist file, is it possible to configure an application such that it will only be available on some device models? I know how to target it by device family (iPhone&iPod vs iPad), but in this case I'm looking to target by model. I also know how to programmatically determine the model, but what I want is for iTunes to prevent some device models from being able to download an app, which is why doing it via info.plist seems like it would be

Run script during Clean / Clean All in Xcode

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问题 I have a fairly complex (iPhone SDK) Xcode project, with many targets -- 4 static libs, unit tests, multiple sample apps, a BuildAll that runs a shell script, and a Package that runs another shell script. The "BuildAll" target creates a directory in the project with some subdirectories with contents ready for distribution. When I click "Clean All," though, Xcode doesn't know to clean my Distribution directory. I'd like it to. I can't seem to find a way to do this -- does anybody know how? It

Possible to open iPhone Safari and target a specific window?

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问题 I have an app that uses OAuth to authenticate, which means the user must be directed to the website to authorize the application. I prefer to make it obvious to the user that they are using a standard browser to authorize at the original site rather than just using a web view to show the content within my app. However, every time they are directed to Safari (via openURL), it launches a new Safari window and once Safari has 8 windows open, it simply fails to work at all. I'm wondering if there

Input button target=“_blank” isn't causing the link to load in a new window/tab

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问题 I have an HTML file with an input button. This is only an example button, but it's including all necessary info of code: <input type="button" onClick="parent.location=''" value="facebook" target="_blank"> For some reason, it's not loading in a new window/tab. 回答1: you will need to do it like this... <a type="button" href="" value="facebook" target="_blank" class="button"></a> and add the basic css if you want it to look like a btn.. like this

Visual Studio 2010 error: “Project Target Framework Not Installed” when opening a .NET 4.0 project

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问题 I am experiencing a rather disconcerting issue with one of my development machines that I hope someone can advise me on. I have a large Visual Studio 2010 VB solution, targeting the .NET Framework 4.0 which opens and works just find on numerous Visual Studio 2010 installations - except one. The 'error' (more a message) when opening the solution says: Project Target Framework Not Installed The VB project is targeting '.NETFramework,Version=v4.0", which is not installed on this machine. You

Add mstsc to shortcut target powershell

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问题 A little background about what I'm trying to do and why. We are slowly migrating from using a local copy of office on our end users Win7 machines to publishing office through RDS 2012. With 2012 you can have the end users machine subscribe to a webfeed which puts the shortcuts to the actual RDP files in Appdata. In order to have our image pretty much mirror before RDS, I need to pin the shortcuts to the taskbar. If you pin the shortcut as it comes from the RDS Gateway server the icon on the

Change by val target as range to ignore blank and 0 value cells

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问题 Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim c As Range For Each c In Target.Cells **If c.Value <> Empty Or c.Value = 0 Then End If** If c.Column = 11 Then c.Offset(0, -1).Value = Now() End If Next c End Sub I have the above code working well except I am trying to add the bolded code to ignore any blank cells (could also be the option of ignoring 0 value cells, but not necessary). Thanks 回答1: You seem to have your two arguments going in different ways, in that your lumping together