How to enable line numbering in SynEdit?

别等时光非礼了梦想. 提交于 2019-12-07 05:31:57
问题 I have recently downloaded SynEdit and I'm wondering how to enable line numbering (like in Lazarus)? I don't found anything at the internet. Thanks in advance. 回答1: Based on code found here try to use the: SynEdit1.Gutter.ShowLineNumbers := True; 来源:

What is the latest SynEdit version or clone?

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问题 I havent used synEdit for a while, but today I found that I needed a good editor for a form with script support. As I went to download synEdit (which my mind had frozen in time as a "sure thing") I found that the original author had abandoned it. I am aware that FreePascal has a synEdit version - and I hear there is a more recent unicode version out there "somewhere"-- but where exactly can I get the newest and best version? I would prefer unicode support if it's possible, but more

How to create a component property that lists other components?

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问题 The SynEdit component has the property "Highlighter", which contains a dropdown-list in which all the currently existant Highlighters are listed (design-time). To me this seems like a very important concept for design-time components, but I'm simply unable to find out how it works: Let's assume you drop down a TSynEdit and a TSynPasSyn onto your form. Then you click the TSynedit which has the property Highlighter. You are now able to select the previously created TSynPasSyn. If you create