Using R to parse out Surveymonkey csv files

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问题 I'm trying to analyse a large survey created with surveymonkey which has hundreds of columns in the CSV file and the output format is difficult to use as the headers run over two lines. Has anybody found a simple way of managing the headers in the CSV file so that the analysis is manageable ? How do other people analyse results from Surveymonkey? Thanks! 回答1: You can export it in a convenient form that fits R from Surveymonkey, see download responses in 'Advanced Spreadsheet Format' 回答2: What

start_created_at not working with /collectors/{id}/responses

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问题 I'm using this Google app script to query Survey Monkey results: function surveyMonkey() { var token = "xxx"; var survey = "xxx"; var options = {"headers": {"authorization": "bearer "+token}}; var api_key = "xxx"; var url = ''; var responseURL = 'collectors/xxx/responses?api_key='+api_key +'&sort_by=date_modified&sort_order=DESC' +'&start_modified_at=2016-04-01T00:00:00+00:00' var responses = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url+responseURL, options); var responseData = JSON

post an email to a survey using the surveymonkey api

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问题 we have a survey in surveymonkey and using c# to try and add the email addresses to the survey using the surveymonkey api. the api works fine for GETS but we have yet to get a POST to work. all we get back is "docs": "", "message": "There was an error retrieving the requested resource.", "id": "1020", "name": "Resource Not Found", "http_status_code": 404 all of the id's are correct as we can GET information about the survey but cannot POST

“Incorrect username or password” error message in Qualtrics API v2.5

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问题 Due to some features that I wish were available in Qualtrics v3 (see previous post), I checked out their most recent previous version (v2.5) to try to find a GET request which closely approximates the data from individual surveys that I'm trying to obtain on each request. However, when I do their built-in API test on my own credentials: I get the following error: <XML> <Meta> <Status>Error</Status> <RequestType>getSurvey</RequestType> <ErrorCode>500</ErrorCode> <QualtricsErrorCode>ESRV09<

I am trying to integrate Qualtrics survey with Unity3D game engine

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问题 I am using the Unity3D game engine with C# and I have created a game which collects a few files and survey responses from the game player. Is it possible to create a survey on Qualtrics and then submit the response (survey answers and txt files) via. an API call from my game? PS:- Is there a support to submit survey answers and text files using some API calls? The in-game survey looks like the one below and there is a text file generated by the game during the game play. I'd need to send the

Implementing OAuth for SurveyMonkey, Step 2

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问题 I currently have a SurveyMonkey developer Draft App set up and am implementing OAuth as described by their documentation. I have completed Step 1 (Direct user to SurveyMonkey’s OAuth authorization page) but once the user enters their username and password to authorize SurveyMonkey access, as specified in Step 2 of the link above, how do I gain access to the short-lived code included as a query parameter? In essence, once we have left the website I'm building, how do I gain access to URL

connecting from the backend to fetch all surveys in my account

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问题 I need to do all my actions on the back-end, no browser. In the documentation I see I need the following values to get the Authorization: bearer ???????? value. curl -i -X POST -d \ "client_secret=YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET \ &code=AUTH_CODE \ &redirect_uri=YOUR_REDIRECT_URI \ &client_id=YOUR_CLIENT_ID \ &grant_type=authorization_code" I am not building an app, I just want to connect to my account to fetch all surveys. Where do I get the values for: YOUR

Limitations of Qualtrics API

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问题 With respect to the Qualtrics API (v3) documentation ( there does not appear to be any means to send a GET request through a REST client to get the individual survey responses for a specific survey (I suppose that the developers figured that no would be interested in decoupling the survey results from the admin panel). The reason why I would like to be able to submit a GET request to get survey results is for real-time data visualization purposes that

Missing parameters when requesting OAUTH token survey monkey v3

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问题 I'm trying to obtain my "long lived access token" using CURL/PHP but I'm receiving the error "Missing parameters for client_id, client_secret, code, grant_type, redirect_uri". The URL I'm calling is where you can clearly see the parameters I'm trying to pass in!'.urlencode($client_secret).'&code='.urlencode($short_token).'&redirect_uri='.urlencode($redirect_url).'&client_id='.urlencode($client_id).'&grant_type=authorization_code I'm also

How would I return a respondent's responses after survey completion?

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问题 I fairly new to using the SurveyMonkey API. My site is designed in WordPress. After users login, they have access to a survey page where there are links to several types of surveys. What I would like to do, after a given survey is completed by a user, is retrieve their responses. Any ideas on where to begin? 回答1: Weblink respondents are anonymous, unless you use the 'c' query string parameter to identify them. Email respondents can be identified by their email address. Both identifiers can be