How to add SSRS page break after 65536 rows, counting group header/footer

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问题 I have an SSRS report which is failing to export to excel when the row count is greater than the Excel 2003 limit of 65536 The report already has a grouping level with a group footer. I have tried to add an extra grouping level with a page break on the expression =ceiling(rownumber(nothing)/65536) However, this counts the detail rows, but does not take into account the group footer. So the rownumber evaluates to 53000 while the actual number of rows has exceeded 65536. The following

SSRS Switch function to fill background colour

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问题 I need to use the SSRS Switch function to fill background colour =switch(Fields!Ref_No.Value="AAA","Green",Fields!Ref_No.Value= not like "AAA","RED" How do I say if first 3 letters not like AAA then fill background Red ? 回答1: Just use Left and <> : =Switch(Fields!Ref_No.Value="AAA", "Green" , Left(Fields!Ref_No.Value, 3) <> "AAA", "Red") Left makes sure you're considering the first three characters only as per your requirement. 来源:

How to hide parameter based on another parameter value in SSRS

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问题 Hi I have 2 parameters param1 and param2. param1 has values true and requirement is if i select true in param1 then param2 should be hidden and if i select false in param1 then param2 should be visible. can this be achieved in SSRS? 回答1: As per Nathan's comment i am adding Amar's comment here as answer/partial answer Unfortunately, you cannot change a parameter's visibility during run time. Alternatively, you can control the second parameter's values based on the selected value of

How to I get cumulative monthly subtotals in SSRS?

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问题 I'm using SSRS to create a report which shows a lot of transactions according to a trade date. I've made a group on the month and year called 'grpMonthYear' . Inside that group I've made a subgroup on 'TradeDate'. The groups and all work perfectly. I'm also generating monthly subtotals in the footer of the group 'grpMonthYear'. But now I want the cumulative subtotals. Example, if Jan'13 totaled up to $5,000.00 and transactions in Feb'13 totaled up to $7,000.00 So the monthly subtotal in Feb

How to add totals to each group in SSRS

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问题 I need to have a total for each grouping within a row group in SSRS. Currently, a total is added right at the end of the row group. So, if I have the following data: TeamName BusinessSegment PaymentPeriod BusinessArea ProductType PolicyCount201501 Premium201501 --------------------------- ------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------------------ --------------- Office Non-property Monthly Commercial Lines Sectional Title 0.00 0.00 Office1 Non-property Annual Commercial Lines C&I

How to group by some column and show grouped value within existed another column

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问题 I would like to implement grouping, where values I need group by, may be shown within other existed column. Please, see screenshot: How can I do it by SSRS v14.0? 回答1: STart by building your report with the details rows, then right-click the detail row in the row group panel below the main report design. Do "Add Group" then "Parent Group". Choose the field that contains Buy/Sell and tick the "Add group header" option. A new column will be added with the buy/sell field added. Delete this new

SSRS Category Grouping

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问题 I'm trying to create a grouped category on a bar chart in SSRS. My query is: select distinct filedate, transaction_date, duedate, event_instance, event_name, eventstatus (datediff(DD, duedate, filedate)+1) as DaysAged, -(DATEDIFF(WK, duedate, filedate) *2) -(case when DATENAME(DW, duedate) = 'sunday' then 1 else 0 end) -(case when DATENAME(DW, FileDate) = 'saturday' then 1 else 0 end) as wkends from MY TABLE where filedate = (select MAX(filedate) from MY TABLE) and FileDate > duedate In

SSRS - Is it possible to have detail rows under a parent row

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问题 I have a report that currently lists data of a parent and its the details on the same row. So lets say the columns of the parent group take up the first three columns and the details the next three. Currently the first three columns span the height of the combined details rows. So if there are three detail rows the first three columns are one row that spans the height of these three columns. This is how I initially wanted it. Now what I would like to do is list the first row of the parent

write an expression to check if the any of the value in the group is false

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问题 want to write an expression in an SSRS 2008 textbox to check if any of the value in a field in a group is false. If false stop and change the background color of the Textbox. i am trying to do =iif(field!coloumnname.value="False","Red","silver") The above expression is taking the top most value in the group and giving the output. I mean if the value is True , it is giving silver background. Can anyone help me out 回答1: Just use the min function in the group level background property: =iif(min

Grouping in SSRS?

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问题 i am new to the SSRS and Have data as below RCnt Jobnumber NJCT JD pmt flag cnt1 cnt2 2 001008 0 PRESSURE SEAL PSI Y 0 0 2 2 001008 0 PRESSURE SEAL PSI Y 0 0 10 2 001008 0 PRESSURE SEAL PSI Y 0 0 1 1 001009 0 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 0 1 1 001009 0 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 0 4 6 001010 0 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 0 6 5 001011 0 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 0 5 5 001011 0 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 0 3 13 001012 13 Single Sheet Duplex Legal PSI Y 0 13 0 13