how to make client connect to ratchet on live server?

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问题 I've googled about this for so many days and till now the client (browsers) cannot connect to the server. But the server can run. I think its because its connected to itself(localhost). I did find ratchet documentation which says: If you want to open Ratchet up (not behind a proxy) set the third parameter of App to ''. http://socketo.me/docs/troubleshooting so i tried this in my server.php file. (doesn't work) $server = IoServer::factory( new HttpServer( new WsServer( new Chat() ) ),

TWBS Ratchet - How to close modal manually?

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问题 I'm building a mobile web app with Ratchet. What I have to do is open a modal, fill a form, press a button then save and close the modal. I'm able to close a modal with it's documented button, and I'm also able to save the form field...but how to do those things together? In Ratchet's documentation it's not explained how to close a modal manually using JavaScript. I'm using Ratchet with AngularJS, so the button calls an Angular function in which I should close the modal. 回答1: Ok, finally I

PHP Ratchet: Class Memcache not found

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问题 I am following Ratchet's tutorials. For SessionProvider page, the code is like this: <?php // Your shell script use Ratchet\Session\SessionProvider; use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Session\Storage\Handler; use Ratchet\App; $memcache = new Memcache; // Class not found on line 7 $memcache->connect('localhost', 11211); $session = new SessionProvider( new MyApp , new Handler\MemcacheSessionHandler($memcache) ); $server = new App('localhost'); $server->route('/sessDemo', $session); $server-

How to send messages to particular users Ratchet PHP Websocket

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问题 I'm trying to build a system where user can subscribe to a category on establishing connection to websocket server and then he will start receiving updates for that category. So far, I have worked with Ratchet and I am able to send message to all the connected clients but the problem is I don't want to send message to all the clients I just want to send the message to the clients who have subscribed the the particular category in which the messages was sent. PHP Code Chat.php <?php namespace

How to bind ZeroMQ socket with Ratchet web-socket library to make real time application for php application?

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问题 I am just a beginner in this whole area involving websocket, Ratchet and ZeroMQ. To my basic understanding: websocket is something that helps to create open connection between server and client. Ratchet is a PHP based library which uses PHP's core Socket functions to create a PHP socket framework allowing us to ease in PHP socket programming. ZeroMQ is a socket library that helps non-ratchet application to (other PHP script) send the data over Ratchet Socket and web-socket. I am following the

React/ZMQ/Ratchet - Websocket server response

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问题 I've currently got a web socket server running and working with Ratchet PHP. I'm not at the stage where I want external scripts to communicate with my server. I can successfully push data to it using ZMQ: push.php $json = ['name' => 'Joe Bloggs']; $context = new ZMQContext(); $socket = $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_PUSH, 'Push Notification'); $socket->connect("tcp://localhost:5555"); $socket->send(json_encode($json)); Then in my webserver script I can send this to a method ( onNewPush ) to

Symfony Websockets: Logged User always returns anonym within Topic

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问题 I finally found the problem - but can't explain it well. The Webserver and Websocket Server are running on "" each. When I access my website with "" , everything is working, cookies are sent, read and the logged in user is given back by the clientManipulator. When I access my website with "localhost:xy/app_dev.php/account", I always get back an anonymous user and the cookies are not sent. Can someone explain this to me please - and will this have

Push doesn't work (Error: Could not get)

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问题 Trying to use Ratchet's push.js, but doesn't work. What I have in console: [Error] Error: Could not get: file:///var/mobile/Applications/337585D8-89E1-4810-AB37-0A6DD2DA3A34/Gustav.app/www/booking.html failure (ratchet.js, line 446) onreadystatechange (ratchet.js, line 371) If you will tap link like ten times you start to receive this: [Error] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'cacheMapping[PUSH.id].url') cachePush (ratchet.js, line 202) PUSH (ratchet.js, line 392) touchend

How to make a realtime notification like facebook? [closed]

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问题 Closed . This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago . I am trying to make a realtime notification just like facebook.After learning and searching alot i m very confuse please explain me what is right and what is wrong.. Please make sure that the site may would have same number of users as Facebook We can make Realtime notification with long polling or

Ratchet PHP WAMP - React / ZeroMQ - Specific user broadcast

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问题 Note : This is not the same as this question which utilises MessageComponentInterface . I am using WampServerInterface instead, so this question pertains to that part specifically. I need an answer with code examples and an explanation, as I can see this being helpful to others in the future. Attempting looped pushes for individual users I'm using the WAMP part of Ratchet and ZeroMQ, and I currently have a working version of the push integration tutorial. I'm attempting to perform the