Reporting errors in launching rails webrick server

筅森魡賤 提交于 2019-12-12 04:19:51
问题 I have an application which runs on rails 2.3.2 and now i upgraded my version of rails to 3.0.3 After i try to start the application server by typing rails server I get a list of arguments that i should pass to the command. This suggests the server did not start successfully. However, where can i get a list of the errors encountered in starting rails server ? Also, i am using RVM for managing rails versions. However, even after changing the current running version of rails, radrails is still

Getting a dependency error when installing RadRails

瘦欲@ 提交于 2019-12-11 10:05:20
问题 I'm trying to install the Aptana RadRails/Aptana Studio plugin for Eclipse and I'm getting a strange dependency error. Here are the details: OS: Ubuntu 11.04 Eclipse version: 3.5 (Galileo) RadRails version: Aptana Studios Plugin version 3.0.4 Note: I also have the PyDev plugin installed Anyway, I went to install new software in Eclipse and typed in the URL (http://download.aptana.com/studio3/plugin/install) then checked the box for "Aptana Studio 3 plugin" and clicked next, and I got this

Creating Plain .rb Files with Aptana RadRails

北城余情 提交于 2019-12-11 06:34:39
问题 I have just bought a MacBook for some ruby development and like the look of Aptana Studio as a really nice IDE. The question I have, however, is that I want to know (before getting too deep into it, and potentially wasting time) is can I create plain old .rb files without the rails framework attached? Also, can I execute the ruby file straight from the IDE, or will I have to use Terminal? As I said, I am only just learning Ruby and I am working through some books I have bought, and while I do