Can't remotely connect to Python Socket

核能气质少年 提交于 2021-01-29 13:33:18
问题 I have created a chat application using python sockets and Tkinter and it all works perfectly locally however the Client is unable to connect to the server remotely (when I enter my public IP address as the host) I have already fully port-forwarded my network and I know how to port forward very well and when I run an online Port Open scanner that checks if a port is open it states that the port is open!? I have port-forwarded my router on a number of ports and updating the client and server

Access OpenShift forwarded ports from remote host

浪尽此生 提交于 2021-01-28 11:05:43
问题 I would like to connect to a PostgreSQL (9.6) cluster that runs inside OpenShift (3.9) using port forwarding as described here. To this end I set up and sanity-check port forwarding on a jump host (outside the OpenShift cluster) like this: oc port-forward $pod 5432:5432 netstat -ln | grep 5432 # "tcp 0 0* LISTEN" psql -U postgres -h localhost # OK psql -U postgres -h $(hostname -i) # error: "connection refused" So it looks as if port forwarding listens only for

Reverse Port Forwarding in iOS over USB

流过昼夜 提交于 2020-08-07 03:25:00
问题 I have a web socket server on desktop and client on iPhone device. I would like to communicate with them using USB rather than any network. I have implemented it on android using adb reverse but not able to find any solution for iOS. I have tried to implement it using usbmuxd and iproxy but they only does port forwarding not the reverse forwarding.I would really appreciate some help on it. 回答1: Not sure if it will solve your problem, because I did not use the library, but some time ago I've