Not able to Connect to DI repository server from Spoon

。_饼干妹妹 提交于 2020-01-06 08:39:19
问题 I am trying to connect to DI server from Spoon..(Spoon with DI server) - DI server is running fine. Few days back when I tried it was working fine. suddenly I dont know where does the issue come from. I followed the steps from the documentation : How do I add DI repository to this? Can anyone help? 回答1: There is 3 types of DI repository for Spoon: file-based repository (free) db-based

Fetch Data From Remote Database Every Hour

老子叫甜甜 提交于 2019-12-14 04:21:24
问题 Yesterday i Download Pentaho BI Server Data Integration Report Designer Than I connect report designer to the remote database and fetch table and draw chart of that data successfully. My Question is ,I want to run that file (which i create in report designing ) every hour by fetching the new data from remote database can you please guide me step by step how to do it because i am new in all those stuff. 回答1: I will answer My own Question. So In order to schedule Job in Data Integration You

How upload file to Pentaho User Console server?

无人久伴 提交于 2019-12-12 01:27:21
问题 I need : 1) Let the user select a file from his local pc 2) Upload that file to the pentaho server 3) Process the file using a kettle transformation I tried with a csv data source in Pentaho User Console (PUC) 5.0 but found no way to access it from a .ktr file uploaded to PUC repository. I also try to upload the csv file to a folder and still not able to access it from a .ktr file. 回答1: I think this requirement is valid : Upload a csv data file and .ktr file to PUC folder. The .ktr should be

How to pass a variable obtained from query component into a query on Pentaho CDE?

流过昼夜 提交于 2019-11-30 09:57:15
问题 I managed to get data as variable with Query component . Now I want to pass this variable into a query. Here is what I did: On Query Component: myresult='NYC' in my example. The query on Datasources: I use this one to display a chart, when I change ${myresult} to 'NYC', it works fine. But with ${myresult}, the chart is not displayed. I also tried with > Dashboard.setParameter() On post fetch of Query Component, but still the same... I also created simple param and select param (which is not