Removing padding from UDP packets in python (Linux)

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问题 I am trying to remove null padding from UDP packets sent from a Linux computer. Currently it pads the size of the packet to 60 bytes . I am constructing a raw socket using AF_PACKET and SOCK_RAW . I created everything from the ethernet frame header, ip header (in which I specify a packet size of less than 60) and the udp packet itself. I send over a local network and the observed packet in wireshark has null padding. Any advice on how to overcome this issue? 回答1: This is pretty much

Appending spaces with str_pad

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问题 I'm trying to print the contents of an array to the screen, but nicely indented: function fu($var){ $lengths = array_map('strlen', array_keys($var)); $longest = max($lengths); echo '<pre>'; foreach($var as $key => $value){ echo str_pad($key, $longest - strlen($key)).' => '.$value."\n"; } echo '</pre>'; } fu(array( 'foo' => 5, 'foooooooooo' => 'xxx', 'abc' => 5454545, '1234567890' => 34, 4352354 => 435, 'a' => 'x', )); For some reason I don't get my output correctly indented. It should add

How to perform unpadding after decryption of stream using CryptoPP

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问题 I've got the stream to decrypt. I divide it into blocks and pass each block to the method below. The data I need to decrypt is encrypted by 16 - bytes blocks and if the last block is less than 16, then all the rest bytes are filled by padding. Then in the moment of decryption I'm getting my last block result as the value including these additional padding bytes. How can I determine the length of original data and return only it or determine the padding bytes and remove them, considering

How to make cell array same length after padding zeros

孤街醉人 提交于 2019-12-08 07:39:28
问题 This is data matrix having 2*159 cells In the data matrix so many columns ( 2 vectors) having different length . I want to pad zeros which have the minimum length. Number of zeros should be [max(length(Vector 1))-min(length(Vector 2))] Now I want add zeros in the cell which have minimum length. and want to make length equal in each column if column have same length than no problem. 回答1: n = max(max(cellfun(@(x)size(x,2),data))) cellfun(@(x)[x, zeros(1,n-numel(x))], data, 'uni', 0) The above

WPF: How can I find the source of an inherited property value

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问题 I've been working on a WPF-project that has a certain nick that I can't seem to grasp: there are a couple of controls that include other controls and are styled by a Style-definition in a Resource Dictionary. One of the inner controls is a Label. That Label has an inherited Padding of 5. The Label has no styling defined, let alone any padding. And it's indicated to be inherited, but I can't find where that Padding is coming from. So, my question is: how can I figure out where this value is

Ensure padding around markers on Google Maps for web [duplicate]

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This question already has answers here : Google Maps API 3 fitBounds padding - ensure markers are not obscured by overlaid controls (7 answers) Closed 3 years ago . I have a full screen Google map with HTML/CSS toolbars overlaid on the map, and a set of map markers. Is there a way to ensure there is

Extra padding in select option element in chrome

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问题 I have a select element where I enable users to choose the classification and description. In chrome browser only, I have an extra padding which I am not able remove with padding:0 or with other css tags. Screen from Chrome However, the same element in other browsers does not have any padding. See example screen from firefox.Screen from Firefox Any idea why this can be the case? Thank you 回答1: This may help reset all the browser-specific styling for select elements: -webkit-appearance:none;

Openssl PKCS#5/PKCS#7 padding

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问题 I was wondering how openssl handles a message that is dividable by 8 bytes when using AES-128-CBC. How can openssl detect that there is no padding (PKCS#5/PKCS#7) to be removed? Especially when the message ends in a character with an ASCII code less than or equal to 8. I hope my question is clear. Thanks 回答1: Well the answer is that padding is always added, even if the data can be divided by the block size. Thus a 8 byte string will be padded with 8 bytes (with ASCII code 8). 来源: https:/


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1.盒模型 margin:外边距 ;margin-top/margin-left ; margin-bottom/margin-right 外边距合并:当两个垂直外边距相遇时,它们将形成一个外边距; 可以使用padding或border分开两个外边距; padding:内边距 ;padding-top/padding-left ;padding-bottom/padding-right border:边框 ;border-width:宽度 ;border-style:solid(实线)dotted(点线)dashed(虚线)double(双线) ; border-color:颜色