changing or upgrading built-in org.json libraries, is possible and a good idea?

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问题 My application depends a lot on the JSON library org.json.* . This package is built-in into Android standard libraries, something I didn't know because I also included it in my source tree . I need to use a function ( JSONArray.remove ) that is not supported on the built-in package, while it is in the source distribution jar from org.json (that I include in my project). So what happens is, everything compiles & all, but I get java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.json.JSONArray.remove at runtime.

How to prevent JSONObject from json.jar converts decimal numbers string into double

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问题 Using JSONObject to read a json response from a server. The server returns some decimal number. Normal numbers are not a problem to but the problem occurs when there is decimal number of form 0.00068 . Numbers like 0.00068 are automatically stored into Double object and when an attempt is made to retrieve such number returns "computerized scientific notation" of the number , that is 6.8E4 even if the number accessed as double by getDouble(index) method or as String with getString(index)

Android 4 JSON generation bug: Can I use a newer version of the org.JSON library than the bundled one?

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问题 I have an Android app which in some places generates JSON, serialises it, and then at a later time de-serialises it and uses the data. I'm using the builtin JSONObject On Android 5 and up which looks the org.json package. My app runs fine on all Android 5.0 and newer devices, but on Android 4.x it fails in some places. Looking in the debugger the de-serialised JSONObject looks somewhat broken. This seems like some kind of bug in the JSON library that ships with older android, and I'd like to

convert java arraylist to array using for loop

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问题 I have viewed the many similar topics here, none have allowed me to resolve: //how to Convert this arraylist to array string using loop public static void main(String[] args) { Main m = new Main(); List<JSONObject> jObj = m.getJsonObject(); for (int i = 0; i < jObj.size(); i++) { System.out.println(jObj.get(i)); } } The many examples I have seen all create an array list by adding in the code, I already have the arrayList. I just need to modify it as an array string and not an arrayList so

Java object to JSON with org.json lib

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问题 I have class like this: public class Class1 { private String result; private String ip; private ArrayList<Class2> alarm; } Where Alarm its a class like this: public class Class2 { private String bla; private String bla1; } Is there easy way to convert instance of Class1 to JSON object with org.json? 回答1: I think the utilizing org.json.lib's JSONObject(Object) constructor is what you're looking for. It will construct a JSONObject from your Java Object based on its getters. You can then use

How do I clone an org.json.JSONObject in Java?

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问题 Is there a way to clone an instance of org.json.JSONObject without stringifying it and reparsing the result? A shallow copy would be acceptable. 回答1: Use the public JSONObject(JSONObject jo, java.lang.String[] names) constructor and the public static java.lang.String[] getNames(JSONObject jo) method. JSONObject copy = new JSONObject(original, JSONObject.getNames(original)); 回答2: Easiest (and incredibly slow and inefficient) way to do it JSONObject clone = new JSONObject(original.toString());

How to use the org.json Java library with Java 7

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问题 I need some simple JSON parsing in my application and the Douglas Crockford library seems exactly what I need. However, I seem to be running into a problem. I'm getting the following error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: org/json/JSONObject : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 I Googled around a bit and I get the impression that this is due to some version incompatibility. I've tried changing Java versions but it doesn't seem to help. I'm using Java 7 and

google maps static map polyline passing through lakes, river, mountains

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问题 My program uses google maps directions for web Services to find a route between two points. The result is parsed and stored in variable. This variable is then used to compose google static map URL. The parse and the URL are working correctly. The problem is that the drawn "route" passes through a lake and mountains. { String GPS = "-22.978823,-43.233249"; String link = MAPS_BASE_URL + "center=brazil," + GPS + "&markers=color:blue|brazil," + GPS + "&path=color:0xff0000ff" + "%s" + "&zoom=13

android JSONException index 1 out of range [0..1] (Parse 2 json arrays inside 1 loop)

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问题 I have code like this, the value of jArrAnswer is [{"answer":"Yes"},{"answer":"No"},{"answer":"maybe"},{"answer":"yrg"}] the result from jArrAnswer.length() is 4 but why I got error org.json.JSONException: Index 1 out of range [0..1). try { JSONArray jArrAnswerid = new JSONArray(answerid); JSONArray jArrAnswer = new JSONArray(answer); for (int i = 0; i < jArrAnswer.length(); i++) { JSONObject jObjAnswerid = jArrAnswerid.getJSONObject(i); JSONObject jObjAnswer = jArrAnswer.getJSONObject(i);

Parsing JSON in Java with org.Json?

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问题 I am having a lot of tourble with this. I am trying to work on an updater and i am using an api that returns this from a url.: JSON [ { "downloadUrl":"URL", "fileName":"Name", "gameVersion":"Version", "name":"Name", "projectId":ID, "releaseType":"beta" }, { "downloadUrl":"URL", "fileName":"Name", "gameVersion":"Version", "name":"Name", "projectId":ID, "releaseType":"beta" } ] How can i get The Data out of this JSON returned by the URL. I do not want to use and "3rd Party" Parsers. Thanks.