Google Drive Open with menu Mime Type for Google files

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问题 I have an issue when I want to add the Google Mime Types in the developer console to allow my app to open Google Files. In the developer console in the section "Integrate with Drive interface" I set some mime type like 'application/pdf' or 'image/png' no issue and in the drive interface in the open with menu I find my app. I want to set Mime Types for Google Drive files but when I want to save modification in developper console I get an error "User request is not valid. Please verify your url

Mimetype vs AppID

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问题 You see that it is adivsed to create your file with your app-specific mime type. Is it right way? I wonder because google drive somehow associates files with the application that created them for Open with functionality. Can this be exploited for the file picker? 回答1: FYI-- You mentioned your project ID being alpine-dogfish-833. If you login to the developer console, then click on your project (which takes you to the project "Overview" page), you will see 2 identifiers at the top: Project ID:

Android - get file path of a selected pdf, doc, ppt or xls in my app

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问题 I am developing an android application. My AIM: If the user open the pdf, doc, ppt or xls files in any folder inside the SDCard (or) dropbox (or) email etc..., they must navigate into my app(In my app, I will do some process based on the files they selected). What I did: If the user click on the PDF file, I can get the filepath and they are navigate into my app. For this I have done the following code. Code snippet: In the AndroidManifest.xml, I have added the following code: <activity

Java accessing Window's “Open with…” list

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问题 I would like to get the list of "Open with..." contextual menu in Windows XP/Vista/7 from Java. From the Windows Registry, I've managed to find a way to get the command to launch applications. But I did not find out how to get these applications names and icons as shown in the Explorer Open with list contextual menu. Also, the way to manage these informations seems to change from one version of the OS to another. Is there any library I could use with Java for this ? Thanks. 回答1: You don't

How can I set the name of my program in the Open With dialog?

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问题 I want the program to read VLC (Move on end) : I've modified my Assembly Info to the following, to no avail: How can I alter the name displayed in the Open With dialog? 回答1: It is stored in the registry as the FriendlyAppName value under HKCR\Applications\YourExeName. Described in this MSDN page. 回答2: Per Hans' answer, this is what did it for me: export.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\VLCMoveOnEnd.exe] "FriendlyAppName"="VLC (Move on end)" [HKEY

c# open file always show “Open With” dialog

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问题 I have a c# application, which downloads a file, and should always show the Open With dialog, regardless if the extension is a known extension or not. I tried global::System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("rundll32.exe", string.Format("shell32.dll,OpenAs_RunDLL \"{0}\"", filename)); but, when I try to open a .png file, the "Open With" dialog does not show and the file gets opened with my default image viewer. The user should be able to choose an application (eg. maybe he wants to edit the file

Preview and open-with

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问题 I see that the file created with Realtime playground at my Google drive supports Open With functionality. Despite preview is not available, I can click it and playground app reopens. How do I do the same with my app. I have created a demo one, to add/remove list items and it creates the files in my google drive, similarly to the google realtime playground functionality. The open with is also available. Google app files with my app it created. But, clicking it, results in Sorry, we were unable

How can I create a “Open with” list as in Explore in my own application

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问题 In my application the user can select reference to file, for example a image file. I would like to make button with a arrow that opens a list with the programs installed on the system witch can open this file type. I know that I can get the program names from the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts", but how can I filter the entries out that have no meaning - "DllHost.exe, miaui.exe, etc." And how can I open the file with program that the

C# Windows &#39;Open With >&#39; Context menu behaviour [duplicate]

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问题 This question already has answers here : Closed 7 years ago . Possible Duplicate: Filetype association with application (C#) I\'m writing a C# Windows app to visualise and modify \'.build\' files (nant scripts). I would like the user to be able to right click on a .build file in windows explorer and select the \'Open With >\' option to allow the file to be modified in my app. What does my program need to support in-order to work with this mechanism? What might my program need to do to Windows