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问题: How can you make the experience with Eclipse faster? 如何使Eclipse体验更快? For instance: I disable all the plugins I don't need (Mylyn, Subclipse, …). 例如: 我禁用了所有不需要的插件(Mylyn,Subclipse等)。 Instead of using a plugin for Mercurial , I configure TortoiseHG as an external tool. 我没有使用 Mercurial 插件,而是将 TortoiseHG 配置为外部工具。 解决方案: 参考一:您如何加速Eclipse 参考二: 来源: oschina 链接:

How to use Eclipse Neon's Mylyn with Jira since connector was discontinued

好久不见. 提交于 2020-05-24 21:17:13
问题 After a terrible decision by Atlassian to discontinue the Eclipse Connector for Jira, it seems to me like there is no way to use Mylyn in Eclipse Neon to integrate with Jira. Is it just me? Are there any workarounds? I tried installing Tasktop Dev Pro but it failed complaining about a jar not found in the Update Site. Besides, it doesn't seem like a proper solution since it brings a lot more than we need 回答1: It definitively works with Eclipse Oxygen (still), using the Updatesite from

Error in eclipse juno upon opening

自古美人都是妖i 提交于 2020-01-23 08:03:12
问题 After having Eclipse installed and working fine for over a year, I opened up Eclipse Juno today and got a error message on opening the workspace. I am using Windows 8 64-bit, Java 64-bit, and Eclipse 64-bit. I have since tried re-installing Java and Eclipse without any effect. If anyone can help me get Eclipse working it would be much appreciated. The error log is as follows: !SESSION 2013-06-08 16:46:09.718 ----------------------------------------------- eclipse.buildId=M20130204-1200 java

GitHub Mylyn connector: Getting issues from GitHub

巧了我就是萌 提交于 2020-01-01 05:17:08
问题 I'm using this GitHub Mylyn connector: However, when someone is creating an issue on GitHub itself, it doesn't get updated in my tasks in Eclipse. I am working in a team, therefore want to have the possibility to share all the tasks. The idea behind Mylyn was to create tasks, sync it with GitHub and everyone else will just sync their task list against the issue list on GitHub. As I mentioned, somehow it doesn't sync any tasks that

When I use Mylyn with PyDev I see the context in the task but python files are not shown in any explorer

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问题 I use mylyn 3.9.0 with PyDev 2.7.5 with the PyDev Mylyn integration 0.4.0. Mylyn seems to build up contexts correctly (I can see the context tree in the task/context tab). But the python files are not shown "PyDev Package Explorer" nor in the "Project Explorer". What could prevent the python files to appear? Uninstalling the PyDev Mylyn integration did not help. 回答1: The problem seems to be the "PyDev Navigator Content". Ho to solve this make sure the Mylyn focus is disabled for the explorer

eclipse mylyn with redmine

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问题 Is it possible to connect mylyn to redmine without rest support in redmine? 回答1: there is a link that can be used in Eclipse. for Eclipse indigo : Help -> Install New Software -> Add -> use the link above for URL there should be plugin to check off : Mylyn Incubator -> Mylyn Task Connector:Web Templates (Advanced)(Incubation). Version = 3.8.0.I20120414-0402 after installing it, i was able to follow steps outlined in

Eclipse Juno/MyLyn does not show change sets in synchronization view

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问题 I'm new to MyLyn and I really want to use the change sets automatic management function. So what I did is I shared a project via git, then create a new task, activate it, made some changes, open synchronize view and synchronize. Now I should be able to see my change sets, right? But the dropdown button that suppose allow me to choose the Change Sets mode only shows "All Model", "Workspace", "Java Workspace", "Git commits". There is no "Change Sets" option. BTW, I did toggle Change Sets in

Mylyn & Redmine Integration

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问题 I'm trying to get Mylyn and Redmine work together so I can manage tasks right inside Eclipse. I saw this on redmine wiki but I think it's for the old version of Mylyn. I can't find the Generic Web Connector plugin for Mylyn but there's this Web templates plugin. I think that one replaced the Generic Web Connector. But it's quite different from the screenshots posted at the Redmine wiki. There's no Task URL, New Task URL, etc. 回答1: Here is what

Generating a query fails for integration of Redmine and Mylyn in eclipse

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问题 I installed the Redmine-Mylyn-Connector in Eclipse and had our admin install the Mylyn-Plugin for Redmine. The connection to Server seems to work: When I try to add a query, I receive a Server Error: . Unfortunately no more details are available. What are potential reasons for this error, and how can I solve the problem? 回答1: There might be useful details in the Error Log. Open the Error Log view ( Alt + Shift + Q then L , or use Window > Show View... ). I would clear the log first (using the

Link to mylyn task in Java comment (Eclipse)

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问题 I have just started using Eclipse and Mylyn together, so I'm quite new to the workflow and how the tools and their features are intended to be used together. Quite frequently I find myself wanting to write a comment in the code, usually a // TODO or similar remark, and reference a ticket in the Trac repository I've hooked myself up to via Mylyn. Currently, I just lookup the ticket number and write something like // FIXME: bug here, see ticket #18 in the comment. Is there a way to make that