LiveValidation with the jQuery DatePicker

强颜欢笑 提交于 2019-12-13 19:16:32
问题 I'm currently using the LiveValidation library on a field that uses the jQuery UI datepicker. var expiry = new LiveValidation('expiry_date'); expiry.add( Validate.Presence, { failureMessage: "Date Required." } ); Unfortunately, after selecting a date, LiveValidation still thinks the field is empty and shows a validation error. If I click inside the field and click away, the field is then valid. Any tips on getting LiveValidation to detect that there is actually content in the date field? 回答1:

Livevalidation - Regex issue

 ̄綄美尐妖づ 提交于 2019-12-11 08:56:48
问题 I'm using LiveValidation ( to validate a form on my site for a page url. My conditions are: Cannot be blank Must start with a letter No spaces allowed Only alpha-numeric characters, dashes, and underscores So far I have this: var formName = new LiveValidation("sitePages-name"); formName.add(Validate.Presence); formName.add(Validate.Format,{ pattern: /^[a-zA-Z]/, failureMessage: "Must start with a letter." } ); formName.add(Validate.Exclusion, {within: [' '],

LiveValidation .remove not working

女生的网名这么多〃 提交于 2019-12-08 17:07:46
问题 I've got a Webform working with the LiveValidation extension. I have a conditional rule that if the user selects United States, then the State-or-province field must be within the list of state abbreviations. My problem is that if the user selects United States and then goes back and changes their answer the validation rule should be removed so they can entry any old text string. I've quadruple checked my syntax and the function is returning a liveValidation object rather than an error object