Liferay velocity template showing only first image for repeatable image field

纵饮孤独 提交于 2020-01-17 04:59:26
问题 I have created structures and template for adding the events. The input I have taken is: year with month, image for the event, description for the event. All the data is displaying properly except image. The image which I have given first is displaying for each event. Can any one help me? <root available-locales="en_US" default-locale="en_US"> <dynamic-element dataType="html" fieldNamespace="ddm" indexType="keyword" name="about_fe" readOnly="false" repeatable="false" required="false"

Liferay maven dependency could not be resolved

夙愿已清 提交于 2020-01-06 14:14:14
问题 I am using liferay enterprise edition with maven.while deploying it with maven clean package commad I got below error. The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.liferay.portal:portal-service:jar:, com.liferay.portal:util-bridges:jar:, com.liferay.portal:util-taglib:jar:, com.liferay.portal:util-java:jar: Could not find artifact com.liferay.portal:portal-service:jar: in central ( -> [Help 1] I have

Liferay access DB table in theme: No bean named 'com.colors.themes.service.ColorLocalService' is defined

淺唱寂寞╮ 提交于 2019-12-23 06:00:12
问题 I have a theme project in liferay. I have created a new table called colors in my liferay MySQL database. The colors table is given below Actually I have a requirement that a particular css file should be loaded in theme based on the color table value whose status is true and my velocity template should be somewhat like as shown below #set ($myColorService = $serviceLocator.findService("com.colors.themes.service.ColorLocalService")) #set ($myColor = $myColorService.fetchActiveColor()) #if (

How to deploy a theme in liferay?

可紊 提交于 2019-12-23 05:32:19
问题 I am trying to check if my theme project is running with the different version. I downloaded all the versions that i need (6.2: ga1,ga2,ga3,ga4,ga5,ga6) and I configured the servers and the sdk for each server. I did (Import -> liferay projects from plugins SDK). In the import window I got a message: SDK version and Liferay runtime version may not be compatible. I imported the theme and I tried to deploy it (liferay -> deploy) but I got an error: Error running SDK command deploy java.lang

Including jQuery and other JS files in Liferay Theme

这一生的挚爱 提交于 2019-12-22 04:09:39
问题 I use Liferay 6.1 and I created my theme ( sample-theme ) and I want add jQuery . How can I do that? Why I have folders: sample-theme and liferay-work and both have folders: css, js, templates? I created folder _diffs and subfolder js and there copy jQuery and add in portal_normal.vm : <script src="/html/js/jquery/jquery-1.8.2.min.js"></script> And I don't see any changes, Why? How can I add jQuery? Not only to a single portlet but for all. I don't have folder docroot I am use Maven and in

Dynamic columns in liferay-ui:search-container?

天涯浪子 提交于 2019-12-21 03:46:19
问题 I have tried the liferay-ui:search-container to fetch and display the database table records on UI in a table/grid format. By using the liferay-ui:search-container I am getting the output as shown below, I am fetching the USER_ table records in the above screen shot. Problem: I wanted to make the grid columns dynamic like, I wanted to enable an option for end user to remove the unwanted columns and add the wanted columns in the respective grid/table. EX: In the above screen shot the the

How can I add a new language in Liferay 7?

老子叫甜甜 提交于 2019-12-20 02:43:09
问题 My problem is how to add new language like thailand language in liferay 7 . When I inspect the existing flag I see that the image is not png but it is svg, but I can't add new language with icon. In this page.jsp I see that the constructor of image is automatically generated. This code describes the generation of svg image <svg class="lexicon-icon lexicon-icon-<%= image %>" role="img" title="<%= HtmlUtil.escapeAttribute(LanguageUtil.get(resourceBundle, label)) %>" <%= InlineUtil

Work with Bootstrap 3.3.6 in Liferay 6.2

爷,独闯天下 提交于 2019-12-19 07:37:27
问题 I'm working with Bootstrap 3 in Liferay 6.2. I inserted the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.min.js in the CSS and JS. I've also changed some style in my custom.css incompatilibilidad Do you have a better idea of ​​it? Then I attached the steps I followed to insert Bootstrap 3 in my Liferay 6.2. Well above gives me a few compatibility issues ... I would like your opinion, for eg if a more optimal code to work with these tools and these versions. I need your help to improve this and that everyone

Using custom services or liferay services in liferay themes (velocity templates)?

纵然是瞬间 提交于 2019-12-19 04:05:10
问题 How to use custom services method in liferay themes in velocity files like init_custom.vm , portal_normal.vm etc. I see liferay provides a lot of variables of helper utility classes like $portalUtil for PortalUtil, $getterUtil for GetterUtil and so on, inside the init.vm file. So is it possible to get instance of my custom services like an instance of or services of liferay from UserLocalServiceImpl ? Here is some psuedo code, to give an idea of

How do I get Sites of which the user is a member in Liferay theme?

邮差的信 提交于 2019-12-12 09:16:18
问题 In Liferay 6.1 custom theme - How can I get Sites for a user that it is a member of in a theme? I have seen how the dockbar Go to/My sites gets generated via the Liferay UI taglib. However, I want to get a list of user's sites and list them as part of super navigation bar separate from the dockbar options. Is this possible and what is the API call to get the user's sites in a list? Thanks in advance. 回答1: From the user object you can retrieve the groups he belongs to: $user.mySites This