Update HSQL table values based on related table

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问题 I have 2 related tables: "Universities"(id, num_courses) and "Courses" (id, university_id). I need University.num_courses to represent a COUNT of courses. I can query data I need: SELECT, COUNT(Courses.university_id) as NumCourses FROM Courses JOIN Universities ON = Courses.university_id GROUP BY How do I UPDATE Universities with it? Could it be done automatically? 回答1: I am not sure this is what you mean by "automatically," but it can be done

How to access ODB files in Python 2.7

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问题 I want to access an ODB file (made with LibreOffice Base) in Python and extract a table for further use. The ODB contains several tables, one relation design and several forms. Is it possible to achieve this without using any SQL? Edit: Since it seems overcomplicated to parse this format on my own, i'll consider using a proper HSQLDB engine. What python module accesses via HSQL (like sqlite3 for SQLite does)? 回答1: You can consider Python Uno API that comes with OpenOffice. There are several

LibreOffice Base JDBC connection to Hive returns “Method not supported” when executing valid select statement

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问题 I'm trying to get LibreOffice's Base v5.1.4.2, running on Ubuntu v16.04 to connect to a Hive v1.2.1 database via JDBC. I added the following jars, downloaded from Maven Central, to LibreOffice's classpath ('Tools -> LibreOffice -> Advanced -> Class Path'): hive-common-1.2.1.jar hive-jdbc-1.2.1.jar hive-metastore-1.2.1.jar hive-service-1.2.1.jar hadoop-common-2.6.2.jar httpclient-4.4.jar httpcore-4.4.jar libthrift-0.9.2.jar commons-logging-1.1.3.jar slf4j-api-1.7.5.jar I then restarted

LibreOffice: 'com.mysql.jdbc.driver' cannot be loaded

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问题 I am trying to connect LibreOffice Base with an MySQL database, in phpMyAdmin, with a JDBC-connection. The first step is to select which database you want to select: The second step is to select which connection: The third step is to select your database: When I press 'Klasse testen' ( Test Class ), I get the following error: 'com.mysql.jdbc.driver cannot be loaded'. Does anyone know how to avoid this error? 回答1: You need to download and "register" the JDBC connector first. To do so: Go to

Modifying table entries from LibreOffice Base, possible?

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问题 I've successfully connected LibreOffice Base with MySQL data base server. I've tested if I modify my table from host (free hosting service on internet) then the changes are reflected when refreshing the table object in LO Base. But my question is, can I modify DB table directly from LO Base? I guess that it's possible using sql queries from LO Base, but how? Please give me some insights or tutorials. Thanks. 回答1: The normal way to alter a table: Tools -> SQL Enter an ALTER TABLE command and

Simulate GROUP_CONCAT function in HSQLDB versions < 2?

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问题 LO/OOO Base doesn't come with an HSQLDB version > 2 which means there is no GROUP_CONCAT function. Is there a way to simulate this function in HSQLDB versions < 2? Here's an example for the columns name and value before the function is applied: TIM | 51 TIM | 53 TIM | 55 JOHN | 103 JOHN | 104 I would like to use (H)SQL code in Base that returns something similar to the result of GROUP_CONCAT: TIM | 51, 53, 55 JOHN | 103, 104 (A similar question has been asked for other DBMS but the answers

LibreOffice Basic get Elements from form

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问题 I'm trying to get value from textfield on the form. sub Test(oEv) oForm = oEv.Source.Model.Parent textBox = oForm.getByName("Description") MsgBox textBox.Text end sub There is an Exception: "Type:" on the line "textBox = oForm.getByName". I have a text field with the name "Description" on the same form, where is the button I press to run this macro. What is wrong here? 回答1: Check that the name is the same case, not description . Also, use the Form

Simple python script to get a libreoffice base field and play on vlc

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问题 I've banged my head for hours on this one, and I don't understand the LibreOffice macro api well enough to know how to make this work: 1) This script works in python: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import subprocess def play_vlc(path="/path/to/video.avi"):['vlc', path]) return None play_vlc("/path/to/video.avi") 2) I've got python scripts working fine in LibreOffice Base, and this script is fired on a button press. The video opens (with an error - see below) Now, how do open the path

Error in Querying Concatenation of 2 fields in LibreOffice Base SQL

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问题 My apologies for wrong terminilogies, I am not actually a programmer, just a Base user confronted with a problem. I'm having trouble querying a column which is supposed to be a concatenation of two fields of two separate tables. I'm using LibreOffice Base Version 1:3.6.2 and it has the default HSQL engine. My two tables are as follows: Table 1 is named "Prefectures" and has the following fields: ID, "Prefecture Name" , and "State" Table 2 is named "Ward" and has the following fields: ID,

Possible to change PostgreSQL table design using LibreOffice Base?

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问题 I read that LibreOffice Base has a native Postgres driver, so I thought that might be a good way to play around with the database structure, creating new tables, altering and dropping existing ones etc. Almost everything seems to work fine. I can connect to the DB and open and edit all tables, create new ones, delete existing ones. I can basically do everything, except change the data definition of existing columns. So, I could delete the column entirely, and I can easily create new columns