How to upload files to one drive using ssis?

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问题 I am looking for a way to upload files to One Drive using SSIS. I've researched and there are some third party tools like CozyRoc, KingswaySoft which provide one drive connection manager. Anyone out there who already have experience doing this? If so please share! 回答1: I found a much easier way to do this without the need of any third party software. Download one drive to your local machine and then login. You can upload, download, delete files.To map the One Drive for Business cloud drive on

Deletion of record from Microsoft CRM Based on three fields(KINGSWAYSOFT)

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问题 I have flatfile source and dynamics crm destination.I have to delete a record from CRM based on Title(text), Startdate(text) and userid(lookup field in CRM) which is given as input from flatfile.Can you suggest how can I achieve this. Thanks 回答1: You can take a look at our Premium Lookup component in the SSIS Productivity Pack, which allows you to perform a lookup against your CRM source. The Premium Lookup component takes two inputs - Primary Input and Lookup Table Input . In your case, you

Issue importing data with date from CRM

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问题 Recently i'm importing data from CRM dynamics 11 to our sql database on daily basis. I have created an SSIS package which does the import. My issue is in CRM i have member's date of birth as "1990-04-25" but when i import it to our sql database, it comes as "1990-04-24 23:00:00.000". The issue is it deduct one day back from the date of birth. The issue is only with those date of birth which has date time attached to it. Any solution to the above issue please? NOTE :- my table data type is -