jQuery loaded dialog AJAX 'done' catch echoed result

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问题 I have a page where I use load to load a dialog box. From that dialog box, I have jQuery in there that posts an ajax request to a PHP script. This all works fine. From the PHP I echo out the result and attempt to catch that on the done callback from this loaded dialog - but its not working. It updates the database, but I can't catch the echo. This works elsewhere in my site, but I can't get it working here. I think it might have something to do with the fact that this is coming from a 'loaded

Asynchron Errorhandling inside $.each

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问题 I am on server side Node.js and somehow caught up in the callbacks. I use the following function to insert Data in the Table with the mysql pkg: connection.query('INSERT INTO tableName SET ?', post, function(err, result) { if (err) { if (err.code === 'ER_DUP_ENTRY') { } else { throw err; } } }); I want to log how many duplicate entries are there without stoping the loop which calls this above function by an $.each. It says here that i have 3 possibilities: throw, callbacks and EventEmitter.

submit button is not working in dialog

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问题 I am loading a separate JSP using jquery in a dialog box. Dialog box has a button submit. I want to make ajax call on clicking submit. I am including submit.click on the dialog callback function but it is not working. Here is the step by step code. First Jquery code to load JSP : function openRatingDialog() { var rateDialog = $('<div id="ratingloaderDiv"></div>') .load("ratingDialog.jsp").dialog({ autoOpen: true, minHeight:275, width: 400, height: 350, open: function( event, ui ) { $("

Rails - Access AJAX Triggering Element in Callback

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问题 I have a view, say show.js.erb. And I have a link in another view such that link_to "MyLink", my_object_path, :remote => true successfully returns the show.js.erb view. My question is, from within that view, is there any way to access the element that triggered the AJAX call without having to resort to generating an id specific to individual elements a la ... I want to be able to use this view callback to open a small dialog next to whatever element was clicked on, but I can't seem to find a

Has jQuery an 'animating'-event?

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问题 Has jQuery an animating -event (not :animated )? Something like step, but as extra method/event? Currently I trigger a custom event in each animations step-function: $('.foo').animate({property: 'value'}, { step: function(now, fx){ $(this).trigger('animating', [now, fx]) } }); $('.foo').on('animating', function(e, now, fx){ // do what you want }); I think there's somewhere in the wild assuredly a better solution. Any ideas/approaches? Update I've written a (of course not awesome) special

Calling href in Callback function

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问题 I have a anchor tag in my page for logout. <a href="/logout/" id="lnk-log-out" /> Here I am showing a Popup for confirmation with jQuery UI dialog. If user click Yes from dialog it has to execute the link button's default action, I mean href="/logout". If No clicked a Popup box should be disappeared. jQuery Code $('#lnk-log-out').click(function (event) { event.preventDefault(); var logOffDialog = $('#user-info-msg-dialog'); logOffDialog.html("Are you sure, do you want to Logout?");

jQuery callback on img src replacement?

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问题 What I am trying to do is to change an image on my webpage when the user mouses over a thumbnail of it. It is easy for me to do it this was because the thumbnail src only has 'tn_' appended to the filename and is otherwise identical. The problem I'm having is that when I switch the src on the image the attr function returns the img dom element almost instantly while the image itself does not change until the new image loads. I want to have some sort of a callback, so that I can either change

How to get whole data out of callback function in javascript

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问题 I have written following function which takes a json data from a url. function getWeatherDataForCities(cityArray){ var arrAllrecords = []; var toDaysTimestamp = Math.round((new Date()).getTime() / 1000) - (24*60*60); for(var i in cityArray){ for(var j=1; j<=2; j++){ var jsonurl = "http://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/history/city?q="+cityArray[i]+"&dt="+toDaysTimestamp; $.ajax({ url: jsonurl, dataType: "jsonp", mimeType: "textPlain", crossDomain: true, contentType: "application/json;

Reference to an object from a callback function in jQuery

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问题 I have following situation. In a constructor of a pseudo class I attach a click event to an element. When the event is triggered I would like to refer from the callback function to the object where the event was set. Code of the pseudo class constructor function MyClass(){ this.myClassAttribute = "A class attribute"; // here `this` refers to the object $("span").click(function(){ // here `this` refer to a matched element, i.e. "span" // How to get the value of `myClassAttribute`? }); } How to

jquery execute function when two conditions are met

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问题 I need to execute a specific function mvFinishItUp() when two conditions are met. More specifically, one condition is the callback success of a $.ajax the other is a normal flow of the code until it reaches the function. Kinda of this: $.ajax({ url: mv_finalUrl, success: function (data) { mvFinishItUp(data); }, dataType: 'html' }); /* here a lot more code, with animations and some delays */ mvFinishItUp(data) { /* My function code */ /* But this code must only run after it has been called via