Raycaster displays phantom perpendicular wall faces

有些话、适合烂在心里 提交于 2021-02-08 06:58:19
问题 The output looks like this: You should just see a flat, continuous red wall on one side, blue wall on another, green on another, yellow on another (see the definition of the map, testMapTiles , it's just a map with four walls). Yet there are these phantom wall faces of varying height, which are perpendicular to the real walls. Why? Note that the white "gaps" aren't actually gaps: it's trying to draw a wall of height Infinity (distance 0). If you specifically account for it (this version of

Cannot install lens with haste-inst

旧时模样 提交于 2019-12-13 01:51:04
问题 I'm trying to install the lens package to work with haskell. $ haste-inst install lens I get the following error: Resolving dependencies... cabal: Could not resolve dependencies: trying: base- (user goal) trying: containers- (user goal) trying: lens-4.9.1 (user goal) next goal: template-haskell (dependency of lens-4.9.1) rejecting: template-haskell- (conflict: base==, template-haskell => base==4.8.*) rejecting: template

Unable to resolve module…does not exist in the haste module map

北城余情 提交于 2019-12-10 17:39:04
问题 I am a beginner on ReactNative, I am creating a Twitter clone to practice. I had already developed a first application and I had no problem. But since I started the new project, after adding custom modules in the project I have this error message. In this case I want to import a style sheet into my custom Tweet component, I added a capture, it's better for you. Screenshot - error message So, I followed all the instructions of the capture, except Watchmen because I'm working on Windows 10,