DevExpress GridView常用功能总结(二)

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1)在GridView 行中添加Button按钮 1 public void ButtonInitial() 2 { 3 RepositoryItemButtonEdit rib = new RepositoryItemButtonEdit(); 4 rib.TextEditStyle = TextEditStyles.HideTextEditor; 5 rib.Buttons[0].Kind = ButtonPredefines.Glyph; 6 rib.ButtonClick += rib_ButtonClick; 7 rib.Buttons[0].Caption = "详细信息"; 8 rib.Buttons[0].Visible = true; 9 gridView1.Columns["DOWNSTATE"].ColumnEdit = rib; 10 11 } 12 13 void rib_ButtonClick(object sender, ButtonPressedEventArgs e) 14 { 15 int rowindex = gridView1.FocusedRowHandle; 16 DataRow row = gridView1.GetDataRow(rowindex); 17 } View Code 2)GridView 设置标题行以及内容行数据居中

DevExpress GridView常用功能总结(一)

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1)去除 GridView 头上的 "Drag a column header here to group by that column" 点击 Run Designer -> 找到:OptionView -> 将 ShowGroupPanel : 设置为 false ; 2)如何显示出 GridView 自带的 搜索功能 点击 Run Designer -> 找到: OptionsFind -> 将AlwaysVisible : 设置为 True 3)如何将GridView 的大小自适应窗体的大小 右键 GridView 控件 -> 属性 -> 找到 Dock : 设置为 Fill 4)当GridView数据源发生变化时,如何更改GridView所"绑定的值" Code 注 : 其实就是重新创建了一个GridView的实例。 1 gridView1 = new DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Grid.GridView(gridControl1); 2 gridControl1.MainView = gridView1; 3 gridView1.OptionsView.ShowGroupPanel = false; 4 gridView1.OptionsFind.AlwaysVisible = true; 5 gridControl1.DataSource =

Does Devexpress GridControl for win forms support paging?

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问题 Does Devexpress GridControl for win forms support paging? If yes, how does it work? How can i use paging to show some data in a grid control? Any example would be appreciated 回答1: It doesn't support paging, per se, it loads the records as needed when running in servermode if I remember correctly. 回答2: I dont actually think the WinForms version of the grid does support paging. The ASP.NET version of the grid does support it - I've been using it a lot lately. Someone has asked the question on

GridView devexpress ESC to cancel editing

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问题 How can I get behaviour that while editing cell if user hits escape then editing should be canceled and previous value set ? thanks for help 回答1: you need to override GridView.hideEditor method, please see this for more and here too. same can be done by writing code also. 来源:

Report Design Templates

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问题 We are using DevExpress XtraReports 2009v3.3 and although I can achieve what I want through various formatting objects in code, there must be a (better/less painless/maintainable/visual) way of achieving what I require... I need to produce a report, designed to end-user 'look & feel'. We have many companies which use our software and they all require different design schema's/templates for their reports. For example - a single report, depending on who logs on (we know what company they belong

Dynamically set devexpress report parameter

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问题 I am new to devexpress reports. I know how to set the data for my report e.g. I got the following codes. I can populate and generate my report. The issue in the parameter design I can assign data source, data member, data display. But I dont know to populate the parameters dynamically say on load of the report? public report1() { InitializeComponent(); rpt2 rp2 = new rpt2(); rp2.DataSourceDemanded += rp2_DataSourceDemanded; pre1.DocumentSource = rp2; } void rp2_DataSourceDemanded(object

Why CheckEdit event doesn't fire on first attempt of checked item in GridControl in WPF?

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问题 I have a CheckBox in DataTemplate in Devexpress of GridControl. Which is binded to boolean field of Grid. I am adding the Checked Item (selected Row ID) in Custom List. And on UnChecked of Checkbox removing the item from Custom List . and finally on button click i am inserting the records on button click. Issue: When i open form first time select an item using CheckBox the Checked event of CheckBox doesn't fire but property change event fires. and on clicking INSERT button it says no item

Textbox only displays content when the row is in edit mode

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问题 I have done every thing I can think of, but the textbox just does not display the values. Where is my mistake? <dxg:GridColumn FieldName="secUserName" Header="TRAIL"> <dxg:GridColumn.DisplayTemplate> <ControlTemplate> <StackPanel> <TextBox Text="{Binding Path=Data.secUserName, Mode=TwoWay}" ></TextBox> </StackPanel> </ControlTemplate> </dxg:GridColumn.DisplayTemplate> and in vb '<!-- load the datagrid --> Module1._Context.Load(Module1._Context.GetGESECsQuery()) GridControl1

Problem with TdxComponentPrinter (Delphi)

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问题 TdxComponentPrinter is a componenet that allow me print a TPanel on a paper. But there is problem and when the panel contains TImage, the background of the image will be converted to black in the paper. Before print : After print (on the paper) : I have tried different ways to solve this problem. for example i used Repaint; method of TPanel,... but doesn't work and the background of image is still black. I don't know why!!! Help me please. 回答1: This is a png file, which might not be supported

WPF DevExpress TextEdit - “ * ” for Password input

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问题 how I can use TextEdit component for passwords input?I want to se some "*" or "#" or another symbol when I type the password. Is there some property, where i can set such a thing? 回答1: I would recommend the PasswordBox control... 回答2: Try: TextEdit.Properties.PasswordChar = '*' 来源: