Angular 2: Set and remove custom pipes?

我与影子孤独终老i 提交于 2019-12-23 12:17:18
问题 I've created three custom pipe to order data from server (ASC, DESC and Default), they work perfectly, I want that this three pipes active or not depending of the interaction of the user. The question is, It's posible change the custom pipe with a variable for example?. This is my code... <label *ngFor="let user of users | {{pipeOrderType}}:'name'">{{}}{{}}, </label> 回答1: There is no way to assign different pipes dynamically. You can create a pipe that behaves differently

Split Flat Files into smaller files (on row count) using Custom Pipeline

扶醉桌前 提交于 2019-12-14 01:49:17
问题 I am trying to create a custom pipeline component for BizTalk 2010 that splits an incoming flat file into multiple smaller files. I want to split the file (lets say of ~30 000 rows) into files of about 5000 rows each or a bit less (lets say if the file includes 33 000 rows). I have tried using Selvan's great example of a custom dissassembly pipeline to no avail. I have used the Pipeline Component Wizard to generate a pipeline skeleton, but would be very happy with any tips or pointers on how