javascript onclick create(element) div viz popup box

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问题 I'm trying to make a pop up box, which gets invoked on clicking a button, this is what I've got so far.. 回答1: Here is a fiddle that actually does what you want - JS function popUp(){ var popup = document.createElement('div'); popup.className = 'popup'; = 'test'; var cancel = document.createElement('div'); cancel.className = 'cancel'; cancel.innerHTML = 'close'; cancel.onclick = function (e) { popup.parentNode.removeChild(popup

How to use document.createElement() without defining a variable

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问题 I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this but I kind of would like an explanation. I want to create and append an element without having to define it in a variable (it seems like such a waste to me and is unnecessary). var errorMessage = document.getElementById("errorMessage"); errorMessage.innerHTML = ""; errorMessage.appendChild(document.createElement('p').appendChild(document.createTextNode("Due to an egg allergy, your child will NOT receive the flu vaccine."))); So this actually

jquery move element to inside new element

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问题 For example I have code: HTML: ...<input type="text">... And I would like get this input (I can have more inputs) and 'insert' in to new created element e.g <div> in the same place. Result: ...<div><input type="text"></div>... This code working half correctly, because it inserts input to new element, but with 'copy' all input from page. jQuery: $('input').after('<div class="inp_cont"/>').append("div.inp_cont"); I tried with .detach() $('input').after('<div class="inp_cont"/>').detach().append

Javascript createElement no end tag

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问题 I'm trying to use document.createElement('circle') to work with svgs but Chrome creates a end tag to circle giving <circle></circle> which results of an error. How can I create an element without an ending that? 回答1: You might want to take a look at this article SVG Scripting with JavaScript Part 1: Simple Circle The method you're looking for is: var circle = document.createElementNS("", "circle"); Edit: Credit where credit is due Stackoverflow: Creating SVG graphics

VueJs CreateElement() insert dynamic html

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问题 I building a component to convert all icons to SVG. So, at the end of my code I have this: return createElement('i', '<SVG>CODE</SVG>' ) Where is this SPAN, I should add a dynamic HTML! I could not find any option to do it. This HTML will be an SVG, so, for this reason, I need to add the full HTML. Somebody had the same problem? What is missing?? How to make this as new HTML, when my component is running??? ps: I dont need to know how to create a SVG file, but yes, how render the HTML, that

Create a new <div> with .createElement()

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问题 Hi I'm new to Javascript, having problem creating and adding a new to the DOM . (I want to do this with native javascript not jquery) . When I click the "Calculate" button, I very briefly see the Text flash on the screen and then disappear. Nothing added to the DOM. Here is my JS script: function makeResponseBox() { document.getElementById("calculate").onclick = function() { var responseBox = document.createElement("DIV"); //create <div> var para = document.createElement("P");//create <p> var

How do I add a non-breaking whitespace in JavaScript without using innerHTML?

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问题 I'm generating content dynamically and in some instances, I need to set a   as the only content of a <span> element. However, the following adds   as text vs adding a empty space: var foo = document.createElement("span") foo = document.createTextNode(" "); which makes sense, so I'm wondering, how would I add   correctly without (!) using innerHTML Thanks for help! 回答1: You can use a unicode literal for a non breaking space: var foo = document.createTextNode("\u00A0"); 回答2: If you don't want

Creating sub element in XML

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问题 I am trying to accomplish the following: <?xml version="1.0"?> <books> <book> <name>Harry potter</name> <category>Adventure | Family | Fantasy</category> <pages>850</pages> <author> <author_name>Jhon Doe</author_name> <author_wiki>http://wikipedia....</author_wiki> </author> <description>lorem ipsum blabla</description> </book> </books> The part i cant get to work is de author element in between. But i cant go futher then is, ive tried a lot of things but it seems to only give me blanco pages

Javascript: onclick/onsubmit for dynamically created button

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问题 I dynamically create a button in the way I found in the Internet: Page = function(...) { ... }; Page.prototype = { ... addButton : function() { var b = content.document.createElement('button'); b.onclick = function() { alert('OnClick'); } }, ... }; Unfortunately, it's not working and throwing the following error: Error: [Exception... "Component is not available" nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://knowledgizer/content /knowledgizer.js :: <TOP_LEVEL>

Should you add HTML to the DOM using innerHTML or by creating new elements one by one?

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问题 There are two methods to add HTML-code to the DOM and I don't know what is the best way to do it. First method The first way is the easy one, I could simply add HTML-code (with jQuery) using $('[code here]').appendTo(element); which is much like element.innerHTML = [code here]; Second method Another way is to create all the elements one by one like: // New div-element var div = $('<div/>', { id: 'someID', class: 'someClassname' }); // New p-element that appends to the previous div-element $('