HTML5 DragDrop dataTransfer.types not set after event.dataTransfer.setData(mimeType, angular.toJson(item)) in chrome

家住魔仙堡 提交于 2019-12-25 09:09:16
问题 I am using druska/native_js_drag_and_drop_helper.js to automate angular-drag-and-drop-lists Issue : Even after event.dataTransfer.setData(mimeType,angular.toJson(item)) dataTransfer.types is not set or probably not allowed to read in dragstart and drop event Observation : during manual drag drop dragstart event dataTransfer {dropEffect: "none", effectAllowed: "move", items: DataTransferItemList, types: Array(1), files: FileList} dropEffect:"move" effectAllowed:"move" files:FileList items