Open res or assets folder with Intent.ACTION_PICK or Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT

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问题 I want to start a file picker with Intent.ACTION_PICK or Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT . The user is supposed to be navigated directly to the apps resources folder or assets folder. Is this possible at all? Do I have to build my own filepicker? 来源:

Android Asset Packs Size

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问题 Google recently released asset packs for Android. The docs are available here. The size limits are phrased a little vaguely. Does this mean that the sum of the size of all asset packs is capped at 2gb? Or does this means that each pack is capped at 2gb? The download size limit for each fast-follow and on-demand asset pack is 512 MB. The download size limit for all install-time asset packs is 1 GB. The download size

File hierarchy with Android native AAssetManager

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问题 Issue I wonder how to make file hierarchy of assets folder in Android from native code. I'm using AAssetManager_openDir but AAssetDir_getNextFileName doesn't return any directory names so basically I have no way to dive deeper into hierarchy because I can't obtain names of subfolders. Is there any way to resolve this issue with AAssetManager or should I implement this in Java? Example Assets looks like a/ file1 file2 b/ file3 c/ file4 C++ code AAssetDir* assetDir = AAssetManager_openDir(env,

android dynamic asset delivery

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问题 I would like to add dynamic asset delivery feature in my app.I need 3 different asset pack to be added . I read the google documentation on this topic but didn't understand anything.Also there no tutorial on youtube . Need step by step procedure. 回答1: this sample was very helpful for me + official documentation 1 official documentation 2. 来源:

How do I debug my app in which OBB Expansion Packs have been replaced with Play Store Asset Delivery?

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问题 Eager to retire our app's aging OBB Expansion Pack system and replace it with the shiny new Dynamic Asset Delivery (DAD), I've been following the documentation. But I'm stumped as to what to do next. My goal is to achieve a situation as seamless as back when I would punch the Debug button in Android Studio, knowing the expansion back was snugly installed in the appropriate directory, to serve pictures and sounds to our app. Here I hope to hit Debug and similarly find the pictures and sounds

Android Webview shouldOverrideUrlLoading method

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问题 When is shouldOverrideUrlLoading method called? webView.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient(){ @Override public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String url) { } }); Is it called during initial loading of url? e.g. webView.loadUrl( "file:///android_asset/html/index.html"); Is it called everytime URL of webview changes? Any reference? I didn't find one. Thanks 回答1: It does however, get called when the WebView to load a different URL from the one the user had requested. Calling

Use PanoramaApi with custom equirectangular image from Assets folder

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问题 I have an equirectangular image like this: I have the image in my AssetsFolder, therefor I pass this uri to the Panorama.PanoramaApi.loadPanoramaInfo method: Uri uri = Uri.parse("file:///android_asset/panorama/equi_1.jpg"); Somehow, if I check the result.getViewerIntent, I get null as return value. My gut feeling says this could have to do with the fact that this image is not created with the google camera app, and therefor missing some meta tags, but I'm not sure. The complete code of my

Problem while opening Asset File with the help of Content Provider

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问题 My requirement is to open one app's Asset file from another app via content provider.(I am exposing that file with ContentProvider implementation) I am able to open few files and read, but while opening some files I am getting exception. Please find the implementation for opening Asset File. @Override public AssetFileDescriptor openAssetFile(Uri uri, String mode) throws FileNotFoundException { AssetManager am = getContext().getAssets(); String file_name = uri.getLastPathSegment(); if(file

How to avoid reverse engineering of an APK assets folder resources items file?

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问题 I am developing a android application, in this application assets folder contains some password and some imp information. I want to prevent a hacker from accessing any resources, assets or source code from the APK file , Mainly assets resources . How can I achieve this thing? I found and also think about following solutions, Please make me correct and provide your suggestions on this. 1) Put every data or files in assets folder in encrypted way. In this solution when i require to use this

Android “font asset not found” error

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问题 I am developing for Android version 22. I am getting the runtime exception "Font asset not found" Here is the code: Typeface customFont = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "fonts/norwester.otf"); And here is my file structure: I am guessing that my file structure is wrong because the "assets" folder does not show up in "Android" mode and only shows up in "Project Mode". What is the problem? 回答1: Assets folder should be under root directory of main folder which inner folder of src. For