Handshake failure with “SSL error code -1/1/336032856” on OS X 10.7

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svn co "https://example.com/svn" 
svn: OPTIONS of 'https://example.com/svn': SSL handshake failed: SSL error code -1/1/336032856 (https://example.com)

It works on Windows and Mac OX10.6, but it fails on Mac OSX10.7.

I've tried with the default /usr/bin/svn (version 1.6.16 (r1073529)), and the one of fink /sw/bin/svn (version 1.6.17 (r1128011)) I installed all OSX10.7 updates.

What can be the problem?

ps: I use a private svn repository; "https://example.com/svn" is just an example for this post.


This question is answered in the Subversion FAQ. See *"When performing Subversion operations over SSL, I get the error SSL handshake failed...":

This can happen when the hostname reported by the server does not the match hostname given in the SSL certificate. Make sure your server configuration uses correct values for ServerName and NameVirtualHost.

A client-side fix is to update OpenSSL to version 1.0.0d.


If the other answer does not work


update your svn to version 1.7.8